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Yorkshire Seniors' Amateur Championship2023

1973E HALLSelby150at Ganton
1974A COWMANIlkley144at Ilkley
1975E B ROBINSONMoortown134at York
1976E HALLSelby146at Wetherby after tie with R J WARREN (Ganton) & E B ROBINSON (Moortown)
1977G L METCALFEIlkley146at Selby
1978J H WARDLEWheatley145at Harrogate after tie with E B ROBINSON (Moortown)
1979A COWMANIlkley152at Otley
1980A COWMANIlkley150at Brough
1981J H WARDLEWheatley146at Garforth
1982J H CROWTHERFiley158at Ganton after tie with M F KING (Ganton)
1983B CAWTHRAYWest Bowling147at York
1984B CAWTHRAYWest Bowling148at Easingwold after tie with R B MOFFAT (Bedale)
1985B CAWTHRAYWest Bowling154at Wheatley after tie with P W HICKINSON (Hallamshire)
1986B CAWTHRAYWest Bowling146at Selby
1987T WATKINSONHanging Heaton147at Harrogate
1988C HARTLANDHuddersfield153at Wakefield
1989W DUSTONFulford143at Hull
1990C HARTLAND & I A FISHERHuddersfield & West Bowling145at York Joint Winners
1991C HARTLAND & B CAWTHRAY & S ANDERSONHuddersfield & Bradford & Thorne150at Garforth Joint winners
1992C HARTLANDHuddersfield148at Ilkley
1993D M STORRARBarnsley155at Brough
1994J B ISSOTTFulford147at York
1995H M ILLINGWORTHMoortown145at Harrogate
1996P A BRADSHAW & J TIMMSHallamshire & Hillsborough149at Selby Joint winners
1997P S COCKCROFT & D SLINGSBYHalifax & Hallowes73at Hull Joint winners over 18 holes
1998I D FISHERWest Bowling147at Ilkley
1999D STORRAR & J P TAYLORBarnsley & Fulford153at York Joint winners
2000M J KELLEYGanton150at Wakefield
2001M J KELLEY & B MELLORGanton & Sand Moor152at Selby Joint winners
2002M J KELLEYGanton146at Hornsea
2003J EMMOTTKeighley70at Harrogate over 18 holes
2004J H SAYWELL & J WEBSTERIlkley & Bedale72at York Joint winners over 18 holes
2005M J KELLEYGanton147at Rotherham
2006M J KELLEYGanton135at Ilkley
2007R SHIMWELLHessle146at The Oaks
2008M J KELLEYGanton146at Hull
2009R WALLACECrosland Heath70at Harrogate over 18 holes
2010B CHRISTIEWilton150at Scarcroft
2011P.A. CROSBYShipley147at Garforth
2012S. PONDLindrick143at York
2013M JONES & M NEWMANMoortown & Moor Allerton149at Selby Joint winners
2014I STEPHENSON & S EASTMoortown148at Harrogate Joint Winners
2015S EASTMoortown148at Knaresborough
2016A WRIGHTHessle150at Malton & Norton
2017M LAWSONGarforth146at Sand Moor
2018A KINGGarforth144at Hull
2019J LAWRENCEMoor Allerton145at Garforth
2020I BACKHOUSEKnaresborough142at The Oaks
2021R TREWEEKMoortown143at Doncaster
2022D SANBYRotherham143at Selby
2023F GREAVESHuddersfield142at Ilkley
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