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Yorkshire Championship2023

1927J W GAUDINAlwoodley148at GantonAfter tie with E L Cheal (York)
1928S WINGATELeeds Municipal145at Wakefield
1929H CRAPPERHarrogate145at Hull
1931O SANDERSONBradford148at Huddersfield
1932ALAN DAILEYHalifax Bradley Hall146at Sand Moor
1933ALAN DAILEYHalifax Bradley Hall145at HalifaxAfter tie with J Shanks (Hillsborough)
1934J J BUSSONPannal141at Moortown & Sand Moor
1935A LEESDore & Totley142at Dore & Totley & Abbeydale
1936P ALLISSLeeds Municipal138at Templenewsam
1937P ALLISSLeeds Municipal140at Moortown & Sand Moor
1938H CRAPPERHarrogate145at Moortown & Sand Moor
1939A LEESDore & Totley143at Moortown & Sand Moor
1946A LEESDore & Totley147at Moortown & Sand Moor
1947J FALLONHuddersfield143at Moortown & Sand Moor
1948J D HENDERSONIlkley137at Moortown & Sand Moor
1949F JOWLELees Hall140at Moortown & Sand Moor
1950J SHANKSHillsborough144at Moortown & Sand Moor
1951J FALLONHuddersfield140at Moortown & Sand Moor
1952J WADEBradford145at Moortown & Sand Moor
1953B SHELTONWheatley145at Moortown & Sand Moor
1954J FALLONHuddersfield143at Moortown & Sand Moor
1955*S J BROUGHSand Moor144at Moortown & Sand Moor
1956W LEESShipley140at Moortown & Sand Moor
1957E LARGEBrough143at Moortown & Sand Moor
1958J FALLONHuddersfield148at Huddersfield
1959G WESTONOakdale141at Moortown
1960B HUTCHINSONHallowes142at Abbeydale
1961C E HUGHESWoodsome Hall145at FulfordAfter tie with B Hutchinson (Hallowes)
1962B HUTCHINSONHallowes144at Sand Moor
1963B HUTCHINSONSitwell Park143at HullAfter tie with B Waites (Saltburn)
1964B HUTCHINSONMoortown142at Hallamshire
1965H W MUSCROFTMoor Allerton137at Pannal
1966B WAITESBrough138at Moor Allerton
1967H W MUSCROFTMoor Allerton138at Rotherham
1968L PLATTSPannal137at Woodsome Hall
1969*M J KELLEYGanton136at MiddlesbroughAfter tie with R H Emery (Northcliffe)
1970S C EVANSMoor Allerton143at Bradford
1971G A CAYGILLCleckheaton & District136at Abbeydale
1972B HUTCHINSONMoortown142at Fulford
1973R H EMERYKeighley135at Ilkley
1974N MELVINSand Moor141at Sand Moor
1975*M J KELLEYScarborough North Cliff137at Hull
1976R HARDCASTLEHeadingley144at Cleveland
1977*R S MITCHELLKeighley142at Scarcroft
1978M INGHAMCleckheaton & District142at Rotherham
1979A J BICKERDIKECrosland Heath134at Halifax West EndAfter tie with H W Muscroft (Roundhay)
1980D JAGGERSelby136at Ilkley
1981D JAGGERSelby147at AbbeydaleAfter tie with S C Evans (Crosland Heath) *M I MacKenzie (Hillsborough) R Masters (Wakefield) J A Pape (Howley Hall)*J L Plaxton (Fulford) *R M Roper (Catterick Garrison)
1982B THOMPSONHornsea143at WakefieldAfter tie with D Jagger (Selby) and *C S Montgomerie (Ilkley)
1983H W MUSCROFTRoundhay137at Huddersfield
1984D JAGGERSelby141at PannalAfter tie with *M I MacKenzie (Hillsborough), *S East (York), R Masters (Wakefield)
1985D JAGGERSelby138at Huddersfield
2003A J GRAYCleveland135at Ilkley
2004*J P SAMUELHull140at Hull
2005J R WELLSBeverley & East Riding142at Huddersfield
*Signifies Amateur
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