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The Alvin Trophy2023

ALVIN TROPHY (Leading Qualifier)
1969E HALLSelby144After tie with M J Kelley (Ganton)
1970M J KELLEYGanton136.
1971H K CLARKLeeds143.
1972C HARTLANDHuddersfield146.
1973H K CLARKMoortown142After tie with W Smith (West Bowling)
1974M J KELLEYScarborough North Cliff143.
1975N R A DENHAMLightcliffe147.
1976M J KELLEYScarborough North Cliff139.
1977W SMITHWest Bowling146.
1978J TIMMSHillsborough148.
1979P C SMITHRenishaw Park145.
1980D McCARTHYMoortown149
1981K J MILLERFulford143
1982M J KELLEYScarborough North Cliff144
1983R A PRITCHARDHuddersfield144
1984R M ROPERCatterick Garrison147
1985S ELLISHalifax Bradley Hall145
1986R M ROPERCatterick Garrison132
1987R M ROPERCatterick Garrison145
1988M WHITEHEADHowley Hall141
1989B R DOWNINGHallamshire146
1990M L PULLANSand Moor72One round abandoned due to bad weather
1991N R LUDWELLSelby138
1992M L PULLANSand Moor142
1993P NELSONRenishaw Park142
1994N R LUDWELLSelby141
1995C H BLOICECleckheaton & District142
1996M J KELLEYGanton140
1997R JONESWath138
1998B MASONSand Moor140
1999A HOLLINGWORTHHuddersfield138
2000D WOODSand Moor140
2001J W LUPTONMiddlesbrough139
2002G A CLARKDoncaster140
2003M D SKELTONMiddlesbrough66One round abandoned due to bad weather
2004A J KINGGarforth140
2005M D SKELTONMiddlesbrough144
2006D DENISONHowley Hall139
2007N R SWEETMoortownÿ 68One round abandoned due to bad weather
2008W P SHUCKSMITHAlwoodley145
2009J P MILLERFulford135
2010M KILLENHessle139
2011W P SHUCKSMITHAlwoodley140After tie with P Lockwood (Hessle)
2012W. WHITEOAKBingley St. Ives139
2013M COLCOMBEWoodsome Hall136
2014S ROBINSHull142
2015B FIRTHMoortown140
2016N POPPLETONWath142
2017A FITZPATRICKHallamshire131
2018S ROOKLindrick142
2019P TOMKINSONOtley138
ALVIN TROPHY (Leading Under18 Player)
2020J SOWDENThe Oaks295
2021J BERRYDoncaster290
2022J NORTHGRAVESGanton285
2023J NORTHGRAVESGanton280After tie

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