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The Second Division Team Bowl2023

1906HUDDERSFIELD SECOND703at Huddersfield
1907BRADFORD SECOND689at Bradford
1908SHEFFIELD & DISTRICT683at Harrogate
1909WEST BOWLING719at Halifax
1910ROTHERHAM & DISTRICT668at Harrogate
1911HARROGATE670at Hallamshire
1912ILKLEY704at Pnnal
1913WEST BOWLING674at Leeds
1914ILKLEY669at York
1919WEST BOWLING708at Pannal
1920HALIFAX689at York
1921HALIFAX WEST END696at Moortown
1922BRADFORD MOOR651at Rotherham
1923ABBEYDALE664at Wakefield
1924BAILDON643at Keighley
1925MOORTOWNat Headingley
1926HULL648at Hull
1927BRADFORD672at Halifax
1928KEIGHLEY631at Fulford
1929BRADFORD MOOR642at Shipley
1930KEIGHLEY641at Hornsea
1931HALIFAX624at Oakdale
1932HALLOWES651at Lindrick after tie with Harrogate
1933BRADFORD640at Bradford
1934BRADFORD MOOR650at Ilkley
1935WAKEFIELD637at Keiighley
1936FULFORD622at Sand Moor
1937BRADFORD656at Brough
1938CLEVELAND634at Garforth
1939MOORTOWN637at Rotherham
1946HEADINGLEY632at Scarcroft
1947SELBY653at Fulford
1948BROUGH679at Hallamshire
1949HALLOWES623at Harrogate
1950FULFORD619at Ilkley
1951WAKEFIELD648at Scarborough North Cliff
1952GANTON639at Bradford
1953HALLOWES & HILLSBOROUGH625at Abbeydale - After tie
1954CROSLAND HEATH623at Halifax
1955CLEVELAND629at Cleveland
1956SHIPLEY657at Sand Moor
1957HILLSBOROUGH626at Brough
1958WEST BOWLING629at Shipley
1959HALLOWES630at Rotherham
1960BROUGH658at Wakefield
1961BRADFORD633at Garforth
1962DEWSBURY621at Woodsome Hall
1963LINDRICK599at Harrogate
1964FULFORD601at York
1965HEADINGLEY613at Scarcroft
1966WEST BOWLING607at Hallowes
1967HULL602at Scarborough South Cliff
1968TANKERSLEY PARK612at Leeds
1969KEIGHLEY601at Keighley
1970ROTHERHAM608at Woodsome Hall
1971GARFORTH620at Headingley
1972HEADINGLEY595at Brough
1973SCARCROFT616at Garforth
1975ILKLEY645at Shipley after tie with Baildon
1976ROTHERHAM297at Leeds - 2nd round abandoned due to bad weather
1977SELBY615at Scarborough North Cliff
1978YORK595at Hallowes
1979MIDDLESBROUGH607at Middlesbrough
1980ILKLEY608at Sand Moor
1981SELBY609at Bradford
1982ILKLEY589at Ilkley
1983PONTEFRACT & DISTRICT613at Hallowes
1984SELBY625at Fulford
1985HUDDERSFIELD665at Crosland Heath
1986KEIGHLEY616at Hornsea
1987HULL606at Shipley
1988HALIFAX BRADLEY HALL309at Sand Moor 1st round abandoned due to bad weather
1989HOWLEY HALL604at Bradford
1990SELBY591at Headingley
1991GANTON582at Rotherham
1992HILLSBOROUGH589at Hallowes
1993HULL581at Middlesbrough
1994FULFORD574at Brough
1995FULFORD589at Abbeydale
1996ROTHERHAM586at Bradford
1997MIDDLESBROUGH574at Middlesbrough
1998MOORTOWN595at Wakefield
1999BAILDON603at Hull
2000NORTHCLIFFE592at Bradford
2001MIDDLESBROUGH595at Teesside
2002WIKE RIDGE580at Middlesbrough
2003WATH576at Rotherham
2004KEIGHLEY574at Keighley
2005CLEVELAND596at The Oaks
2006HALLOWES586at Abbeydale
2007SALTBURN BY THE SEA581at Bradford
2008MOOR ALLERTON584at Moor Allerton
2009HESSLE586at Hessle
2010WIKE RIDGE283at Woodsome Hall - over 18 holes
2011RENISHAW PARK588at Renishaw Park
2012FULFORD580at Keighley
2013WATH436at Hunley Hall - 3 man team started here
2014PHOENIX450at Crosland Heath
2015RICHMOND439at Wakefield
2016WAKEFIELD452at Sand Moor
2017FULFORD420at Wheatley
2018ABBEYDALE422at Ilkley
2019MALTON & NORTON429at Doncaster
2020HALLOWES219at Moortown - played under "Covid-19" ToCs
2021COOKRIDGE HALL427at Bingley St Ives
2022LINDRICK454at Cleveland
2023CROSLAND HEATH457at Hessle
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