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The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs offers all affiliated clubs the opportunity of hosting a rules evening where rules experts will demonstrate the rules in general and discuss rules situations relevant to  your local course. 

Some of the key features of a Rules Evening:

    • Takes the form of an inter-active session, rather than a lecture or exam, with demonstrations of common rule situations.  It therefore uses a reasonably large area – for an example layout, please click here;
    • Usually an evening event, lasting 2 to 2.5 hours, although it can be at other times;
    • Expected grouping to be 30 or more people attending; Ladies and gentlemen are both welcome;
    • If a club cannot gather enough of their own members, consider asking neighbouring clubs to join in;
    • Suitable both for a club or a District Union.

For further information please complete and forward the following enquiry form to our Rules Experts:  

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