Rules Corner

The Rules of Golf are illustrated in the Rules Corner by use of fictional characters depicted in every day golfing circumstances to show how we can sometimes incorrectly interpret the rule.

We hope you find this series amusing and informative.

We will be adding new episodes regularly.

We have also introduced Rules Quizzes to test your knowledge of the Rules of Golf.



 - Captain's Prize - Round 2

 - Captain's Prize

 - Aubrey Plays in the Medal

 - Aubrey disturbs the equilibrium - again

 - The Ladies Match

 - Rules of Golf - Penalties

 - Aubrey plays a Match

 - Aubrey Intervenes

 - The writing of Local Rules ...continued

 - The writing of local rules

 - Aubrey does it again

 - Aubrey's eye on the ball

 - Another brush with Aubrey

 - When did that Rule change

 - The Inter Club Match

Rules Quizzes

Rules Quiz Number 14

Rules Quiz Number 13

- Rules Quiz Number 12

- Rules Quiz Number 11

- Rules Quiz Number 10

- Rules Quiz Number 9