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“PREFERRED LIES” Latest Update



Further to the below announcement we (YUGC) made late April, whereby an extension in respect of the above (preferred lies) was given until midnight on Sunday 14th May, I can now confirm that no further ‘blanket’ extension will be given.

However, now for the good news!!

Recent enquiries we have received have mostly referred to mud on the ball, for which the rules of golf allow committees to adopt a model local rule which addresses this issue –

Model Local Rules (

We leave you to consider this model local rule and adopt it as and when necessary at your club.

Furthermore, if you have abnormal ground conditions in specific areas these can be marked (white lined) and taken out of play with free relief afforded those unlucky enough to find them.

Finally the rules of golf also provide for relief in relation to an ‘embedded (plugged) ball’ which is clearly an issue when the going is soft. In such cases please refer to –

Relief from Abnormal Course Conditions (

So, when playing approved formats of golf (for handicap purposes) which in England currently reflect individual stroke-play / stableford, please ensure that ‘preferred lies’ are NOT used beyond Sunday 14th May.

April announcement

Following consultation with our regional handicap adviser, in accordance with England Golf protocols, I can now make the following announcement.

 Please be advised that ‘PREFERRED LIES’ may continue to be used by all clubs affiliated to YUGC / YLCGA until midnight on the 14th May.

This ‘local’ decision has been taken based on feedback from clubs across the county and reflects England Golf protocols and the availability of our experienced volunteers on whom we rely.

However, enquiries we have recently received suggest a mixed level of understanding in relation to the current rules of golf and of handicapping. In recent years these have been adapted to enable handicap scores all year around so we would very much encourage all clubs / relevant individuals to please consider this ahead of any future requests for an extension of preferred lies.

WHS – All Year Round Qualifying

Jonathan Plaxton
YUGC County Secretary

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