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Grant Funding for Clubs

Application for Grant Funding for golf clubs affiliated to the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs is now available

What is the funding for?
The purpose of this grant scheme is to provide seed funding to affiliated clubs in Yorkshire to support projects that contribute to the main aims of our plan:
• More people playing golf
• More members of Yorkshire golf clubs
• Stronger clubs
Projects which might be appropriate for this funding could be to:
• Encourage new golfers by delivering taster and follow up sessions
• Increase awareness and promoting initiatives within the club
• Improve opportunities and facilities for juniors
• Support club volunteers to receive training and accreditation
• Introduce innovative membership, recruitment and retention activities.
Funding is not restricted to these specific areas; each application will be judged on its individual merits and contribution to the 3 main objectives: more players, more members, stronger clubs.

How much is the funding?
Grants will be in the range of £250 to £500. Projects being funded should be timed to be completed within 3 months of the funding agreement. 50% of the funding will be paid once the application is approved and the balance paid once the feedback and monitoring form is completed. This will be a simple process to ensure the funding has been spent appropriately, monitor the outcomes and obtain receipts for expenditure.

Any activity which involves contact with children or vulnerable adults must be conducted in accordance with an approved safeguarding policy, which all clubs should already have in place. A copy of the policy will be required with the application if the grant activity involves children or vulnerable adults.

Anything the funding cannot be used for?
The core activity and day-to-day running of the club are not appropriate areas for funding; in general, the funding should be used for new activity rather than supporting current programmes, but, where appropriate, we will consider the expansion of current activity to increase impact.

Further questions?
Please contact the Keith Dowswell on 01924 383869 or [email protected]


Early application is encouraged and by May 31st 2017 if possible.