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County Members Newsletter – March 2018

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2018, and hopefully the better weather is on its way, as we are all now fed up with the recent weather, and are, I’m sure, all looking forward to playing golf with the sun on our back.

The new season brings us some excellent venues for our meetings, starting in May with Spring No. 1 at the Huddersfield Golf Club, and Spring No. 2 at the Woolley Park Golf Club.  This latter club is a first for the County Members – it is a fine parkland course just south of Wakefield, and will undoubtedly prove popular with our members.  We hope to see many of you at these venues.

The Annual Council Meeting of the Union takes place at the Pannal Golf Club on Wednesday 21st March.  At this meeting, the new President for 2018 takes office, and we wish Mr. Eric Wainwright [Fulford Golf Club], an enjoyable and successful year.

Another significant event that day will be the last Secretary’s report by Keith Dowswell, who is standing down at the end of August 2018, after many years of diligent service to the Yorkshire Union.  He will be sorely missed, but will be succeeded by another long-time supporter of the Union, Mr. Jonathan Plaxton [Fulford Golf Club].  He was the Union President in 2016, played many times for the Union, and has a long list of roles in golf, not just in Yorkshire, but also regionally and nationally.

Perhaps of more relevance to readers of this newsletter, that day also will see Mr. Martin Greaves [Pike Hills Golf Club] take over as the County Members Secretary.  Please give him the support which his endeavours on your behalf will justify.  This will mean that written correspondence, such as entry forms to our meetings, will need to be sent to his address [10, Farriers Croft, Copmanthorpe, YORK. YO23 3XE] which will of course be on all the entry forms in this year’s yearbook.  These books are expected to be at your home clubs towards the end of the month, and on-line entry will become available in the near future.   The email address for the Secretary [] will remain the same.

You should be aware that our website [] has a lot of information about the County Members, as well as news items about Yorkshire golf in general.  Please visit other area of the site to keep up-to-date with the latest news, or follow us on Twitter at @YUGCUK.

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