2017-18 Golf Club Bridge Tournament

The Final of the Bridge competition for Golf Clubs was held at Harrogate Golf Club, Yorkshire Union President Alastair Davidson’s home Club. The two finalists were the winners of their respective divisions played over the winter months.

The defending champions Moor Allerton N were facing newcomers Rudding Park and at half time the champions were only one point ahead. In spite of the match being so close and tense, the game was played in a very friendly spirit. At the conclusion, the Rudding Park team had feared they had “blown it” when they conceded 10 points on the last board.  In a format where the margin of victory can exceed 50 pts, the final totals revealed that Rudding Park had gained 2 points in the second half and edged over the line by a single point.

The Rudding Park team was led by Barry Whiteley, with Rob Cave, Ron Ransome and Colin Smith who are pictured receiving the YCBA trophy from President Alastair.

The Moor Allerton team were captained by Neville Bush with Michael Killen, Martin Edge and Helen Land and were awarded the runners-up plate.