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14-1 win for Boys v Cumbria

14-1 win for Boys v Cumbria

Our second Northern Counties League match took us to Skipton in the Dales on a very cold, windy and showery morning, not ideal summer conditions, but we are becoming to expect it as the norm now!

I decided to enlist some new faces for this match to give them the experience of county play, they were Max Meggitt, George Walker and Ben Staveley.

The boys started steadily in the very windy conditions but took control in all the games by the start of the back nine. Sadly, one of the Cumbria players did not make the morning games so this allowed Ewan MacKenzie and Max Meggitt a walkover which was a shame for both our players, but especially Max who was playing his first game. The other pairings all won their games comfortably to go into lunch 5 – 0.

The afternoon was a little brighter with the sun making an appearance occasionally. Alex Boyes had a great game against their best player, Ollie Edwards with it being evenly balanced by the turn, Alex 1Up. He then took control winning 13, 14 & 15 to win 4&3. Our second out was Tom Hartshorne who had a battle on his hands with there being no more than 1Up in the game to either player. Tom lost the 17 to a par and both pared the last to Tie the game. Benjy was in great form and won his game comfortably 6&5. Harry had a tough game losing the first to a par then winning the second to a birdie to tie the game and this is how it continued throughout with Harry not being up in the game until the very last hole where he had a par to Tom, his opponent’s bogey to win 1Up. Alfie also had a battle with his opponent, Jay with the match tied at the turn, then Alfie going 2up at 15, losing 16, but finishing with a birdie 3 on the last to win 2Up. George struggled in the afternoon and down most the game but managed to pull off a good finish to halve his game. Ewan played some great golf to win his game 6&5 and his playing partner of the morning Max also had a 6&5 win on his first outing. George took control of his game at halfway and went on to win 3&2. Ben took control of his game at the start and went to win 6&5 so a good win on his first outing.

I must say that although it was a great win Cumbria have a great set of boys in the team and it is always a joy to play them as both teams play in the true spirit of the game which is good. I was impressed with my three new players and look forward to them appearing again going forward. All my team played very well indeed especially in the conditions of the day.



Philip Woodcock

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