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10 – 5 win for Boys v Northumberl’d

A Good Start for Yorkshire Boys Against Northumberland Boys

Our first match of this year’s Northern Counties League was against Northumberland at the Bradford GC. The day started cool and damp and progressed into constant rain for most of the morning.

The foursomes line up was led by Tai Naylor & Ethan Dennett against their top pairing of Harrison Sewell & dan Wilson and we got off to a comfortable start going 2Up after four holes, but sadly this did not last long as they were back to tied after seven holes. Around the turn was a barrage of birdies with both sides having birdies on 9 and 11 with the game still tied. Sewell & Wilson having taken the lead with a birdie on 12 took control winning 14 & 25 to finally win 3&2.
In a scrappy game Ton & Harry managed to squeeze a halved game. Sam & Jonty were 2Down at the turn but came with a flurry of good golf at 10,11 & 12 with a par, birdie, birdie to go 1Up and keep a hold to win 2&1for our first full point. George & Benjy were in control of the front nine, but sadly could not keep the momentum going on the back nine to lose 1Up. In our final game of Luke & Ewan, Luke was having trouble keeping the ball on the fairway, so it was a struggle and they lost 2&1. Not the best of starts for us going into lunch 3.5 – 1.5 down.

Team manager Philip made his point clear for what was required in the afternoon to rectify our disappointing start.

It must have had the right impact as by the time all the games were out on the course the scoring was two thirds blue. However, there was still a long way to go and as we all know anything can happen in golf and it did, we had the heaviest downpour, lasting about 5 minutes at around 4.30pm which completely transformed the greens into lakes, I have never seen so much water come down in such a short period of time! Play at to be suspended and at one stage it was looking like game over, but to the rescue came the Bradford Greenkeepers and Manager of the club George with squeegees to rid the greens of the bulk of the eater and within ¾ of an hour we were back playing again. The boys played extremely well in the afternoon despite the flooding with most of our players being par or better to win 8 games and halving another thus coming out winners.

Philip commented: “Firstly I must thank the Northumberland Team; the match was played as always in good spirit. Having lost to Northumberland on the last four occasions this was a good win for us and especially having been down in the foursomes. I have a young side having lost around seven older boys this last year, so this was good, and we now move onto our next against Cumbria. I must also give thanks to the Bradford GC and its members for allowing us the courtesy of the course with special mention to George their manager and the Greenkeepers for doing a fine job with the squeegees enabling us to finish the match. I must not forget my assistant Frank Greaves and of course our Secretary Jonathan for their help too. Team Yorkshire did not only make me proud but Yorkshire”.

Result: Yorkshire 10 – Northumberland 5


Philip Woodcock

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