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County Members List

This page contains a full list of current Life Members of the County Members’ Association.  All Annual Members, current at December 2018, were transferred to Life Membership.

Please note:-
If you are a County Member and you are not listed, then it is possible that you have moved clubs and have not informed us of your new club. Your old club will have informed us that you have left them and we will therefore not be able to associate you with a club.

If you have any problems, please contact the County Members Secretary.

Use the search box to search by Member Name, Club or Membership Number. You can also toggle each column alphabetically or numerically.

(List last updated – 29th April 2024)

ClubMember No.Full name
Abbeydale2457Atkinson, Dr. R.E.
Abbeydale3120Booker, L.
Abbeydale4331Carr, K
Abbeydale3936Critchley, I.
Abbeydale3571Fenoughty, T.
Abbeydale2032Jackson, T.R.
Abbeydale3768Lythe, C.D.
Abbeydale2734Pestereff, M.N.
Abbeydale4700Roberts, M.
Abbeydale3953Stacey, R.A.
Abbeydale1008Trickett, J.D.
Abbeydale4606Whitehouse, P.
Aldwark Manor1016Platt, G.F.
Aldwark Manor1018Wright, P.J.
Alwoodley1035Banks, R.C.W.
Alwoodley3924Dickson, N.P.
Alwoodley1020Ellings, B.L.A.
Alwoodley1468Leefe, N.
Alwoodley1022Rycroft, J.G.
Alwoodley4129Storer, D.
Alwoodley1098Warrington, P.E.
Ampleforth College1024Wilson, Dr. M.A.
Baildon3323Beaumont, F.
Baildon4558Burgess, A.M.
Baildon3942Dewhirst, J.
Baildon3187Eccles, C.
Baildon4138Holder, J.F
Baildon3793Kay, G.R.
Baildon3193Mann, D.B.
Baildon4571Neath, S.C.
Baildon5624Ramsden, M.E.
Baildon1928Rowland, P.
Baildon3455Sherred, M.
Baildon4718Weatherill, P.
Baildon4139Wilson, J. M
Baildon3204Wood, B.K.
Barnsley1037Bailey, T.J.
Barnsley1038Beaumont, F.
Barnsley1039Brown, T.
Barnsley4321Caunt, B.
Barnsley4208Cicero, F.A.
Barnsley1042Curry, D.J.
Barnsley1044Dickinson, K.
Barnsley1047Faulkner, F.G.
Barnsley1048Garside, L.
Barnsley1051Grant, R.
Barnsley1053Greenway, D.
Barnsley5655Gregson, C.A.
Barnsley1056Healey, R.
Barnsley1057Hewitson, J.
Barnsley3528Jones, T.
Barnsley1061McSeveney, J.
Barnsley1060Morgan, A.S.
Barnsley1059Morgan, C.P.
Barnsley2736Oates, K.
Barnsley3670Prest, S.
Barnsley2873Quinn, J.
Barnsley1367Shepherd, J.D.
Barnsley2307Smith, R.
Barnsley1070Todd, T.
Barnsley1073Warburton, J.
Barnsley1074Waring, G.
Barnsley1076Williams, G.A.
Barnsley1077Wilson, B.
Barnsley4021Woods, R.G.
Bawtry3138Lawson, D.
Beauchief1090Martin, B.
Bedale1093Abbey, D.R.
Bedale1094Blades, D.M.
Bedale1097Brown, D.R.
Bedale3465Clinton, K.
Bedale3464Dawson, H.
Bedale4651Elsworth, B.
Bedale1102Gatenby, J.
Bedale3190Ginn, I.D.
Bedale3463Harrison, C.
Bedale4525Haslam, L.
Bedale4509Munton, D.M.
Bedale3865Paramore, D.F.
Bedale3821Shaw, J.M.
Bedale1109Smith, C.I.
Bedale3711Taylor, E.
Bedale4012Wilkinson, G.
Ben Rhydding3495Inglis, P.
Ben Rhydding1116Jowett, I.W.
Ben Rhydding3659Parker, A.
Ben Rhydding1118Rishworth, J.P.
Ben Rhydding4069Yeadon, J.
Beverley & East Riding4130Atkinson, P.M.
Beverley & East Riding4449Brackenbury, G.A.
Beverley & East Riding4497Connelly, J.C.
Beverley & East Riding3940Duncan, G.S.
Beverley & East Riding4987Gardiner, B.
Beverley & East Riding4077Johnson, C.
Beverley & East Riding4989Jones, J.
Beverley & East Riding2011Lambert, J.
Beverley & East Riding4727Leach, S.
Beverley & East Riding4546Lewis, G.
Beverley & East Riding4131O'Connor, B.L.
Beverley & East Riding1131Robinson, J.R.
Beverley & East Riding4990Ruston, G.
Beverley & East Riding4845Sheppard, C.
Beverley & East Riding4043Thomson, C.M.
Bingley St.Ives3205Atkinson, J.
Bingley St.Ives2444Axford, S.W.
Bingley St.Ives3206Bannister, T.W.
Bingley St.Ives4833Barrott, J.
Bingley St.Ives3209Bridge, R.G.
Bingley St.Ives4389Brown, G.
Bingley St.Ives3736Clapham, M.
Bingley St.Ives2954Cooper, D.J.E.
Bingley St.Ives4540Cutting, P.J.
Bingley St.Ives4947Dawson, R.
Bingley St.Ives4359Dearnley, R.
Bingley St.Ives3217Docherty, A.G.
Bingley St.Ives4951Dresser, P.
Bingley St.Ives3744Driver, J.
Bingley St.Ives4678Dyson, C.
Bingley St.Ives4952Flaherty, A.
Bingley St.Ives3737Gomersall, B.
Bingley St.Ives4339Hagerty, J.P.
Bingley St.Ives3224Hopkinson, W.M.
Bingley St.Ives3225Hustler, N.
Bingley St.Ives3517Johnson, A.M.T.
Bingley St.Ives4773Kennedy, M.
Bingley St.Ives5000Kilvington, R.
Bingley St.Ives3228Lane, D.
Bingley St.Ives4347Marks, P.V.
Bingley St.Ives4604Musto, J.
Bingley St.Ives4378Peel, M.
Bingley St.Ives4536Phillips, M.P.
Bingley St.Ives3944Randerson, R.H.
Bingley St.Ives4375Risdon, K.P.
Bingley St.Ives1934Shimmin, R.
Bingley St.Ives5597Simmonite, B.
Bingley St.Ives4299Smith, J.W.
Bingley St.Ives3915Spencer, W.G.
Bingley St.Ives4338Sugden, B.B.
Bingley St.Ives3239Summersgill, W.I.
Bingley St.Ives4376Sutcliffe, K.F.
Bingley St.Ives3242Tetley, R.
Bingley St.Ives4881Thorpe, H.
Bingley St.Ives5598Ward, S.
Bingley St.Ives3748Wright, P.
Birley Wood4936Gardiner, D.G.
Bracken Ghyll2765Burgess, S.A.
Bracken Ghyll3946Lakin, K.
Bracken Ghyll4544Middleton, E.I.
Bracken Ghyll2740Wood, D.A.
Bradford4074Askham, R.M.
Bradford3251Batty, P.A.
Bradford3252Bell, B.
Bradford4167Bell, D.G.
Bradford4921Boggie, T.
Bradford3253Bowker, E.S.
Bradford3668Brown, S.D.
Bradford3260Cooke, J.B.
Bradford4076Crook, P.K.
Bradford3267Foster, R.
Bradford4151Harris, M.
Bradford3270Hudson M.B.E., N.
Bradford1134Jones, K.
Bradford3272King, B.N.
Bradford4116Leadbeater, P.N.
Bradford3969Leather, M.A.
Bradford4920Linkogel, R.
Bradford4998McGrath, P.
Bradford4608Morrell, G.
Bradford4365Napoli, J.
Bradford3196Oliver, T.
Bradford4779Secker, K.
Bradford4092Shields, C.
Bradford3279Simpson, G.W.
Bradford2442Wade, P.W.
Bradford1122Watts, J.D.B.
Bradford4586Wilcock, N.W.
Bradford3141Wood, L.
Bradley Park4736Bemrose, A.
Bradley Park4956Page, B.
Bradley Park4986Welsh, I.
Branshaw3284Gee, M.
Bridlington3726Adams, M.
Bridlington3815Arton, N.
Bridlington3686Chatterton, G.A.
Bridlington2532Gascoigne, G.
Bridlington1140Hawden, D.E.
Bridlington4263Hearfield, D J
Bridlington1656Heaton, K.M.
Bridlington4072Kerr, A.R.
Bridlington3142Kilvington, J.L.
Bridlington1143Marshall, D.
Bridlington3732Morrice, G.W.
Bridlington1144Morrison, G.
Bridlington1770Richardson, K.A.
Bridlington3721Robinson, D.G.
Bridlington1147Smith, J.M.
Bridlington3786Williams, N.
Bridlington Links3808Belt, C.N.
Bridlington Links1153Giles, E.
Bridlington Links3478Rudd, B.
Bridlington Links3813Strathearn, M.
Brough4398Beetham, I.
Brough4360Hunter, S.G.
Brough4353McClelland, I.
Brough4285Scott, I.F.
Brough3931Sharp, J.C.
Brough1184Thirkettle, M.C.
Brough1161Ward, A.B.
Brough4755Watts, T.
Brough4345Woodall, P.
Brough1162Woodhouse, D.
Brough4849Young, S.
Burstwick Country4379Betney, G.D.
Burstwick Country4927Key, A.
Burstwick Country4926Sellers, B.
Calverley3413Backhouse, J.
Calverley4249Clifford, R.
Calverley4011Collins, T.
Calverley4931Dixon, G.
Calverley4973Lamb, B.
Calverley3110Lester, A.N.
Calverley4741Wren, C.
Catterick1163Abraham, J.P., A.F.P.
Catterick1168Cowley, A.C.
Catterick3171Gerrard, C.
Catterick1171Ient, Major J.E.
Catterick1172Johnson, E.R.D.
Catterick4667Jordan, C.
Catterick4681Ross, J.
Cave Castle4323Annan, N.
Cave Castle4649Baker, P.
Cave Castle4415Bell, J.S.
Cave Castle4392Boddy, F.
Cave Castle4503Bullock, G.D.
Cave Castle4279Cave, R.A.
Cave Castle4560Cook, J.
Cave Castle4324Crompton, R
Cave Castle4026Gray, J.M.
Cave Castle4325Greenwood, P.C.
Cave Castle4800Henderson, D.
Cave Castle4387Hubbard, S.A.
Cave Castle4042Illingworth, J.M.
Cave Castle4326Jackson, L.D.
Cave Castle4329Jordan, A
Cave Castle4328Jordan, M
Cave Castle3825Lappin, P.D.
Cave Castle5002Lee, R.
Cave Castle4562Lidgett, S.W.
Cave Castle4547Maunder, N.
Cave Castle4488May, J.M.
Cave Castle4532Nolan, P.A.
Cave Castle4500Robinson, T.V.
Cave Castle4533Scott, A.
Cave Castle4327Wainman, J
Cave Castle4444Winter, C.
Cleckheaton2616Arnold, R.W.
Cleckheaton4930Bland, D.F.
Cleckheaton2993Brogden, I.W.
Cleckheaton2998Court, P.
Cleckheaton4381Crowther, R.N.
Cleckheaton2789Hagen, B.
Cleckheaton4295Holmes, D.G.
Cleckheaton4297Keen, J.N.
Cleckheaton1364Mills, D.J.
Cleckheaton4296Roberts, N.G.
Cleckheaton4884Thompson, G.
Cleckheaton3303Walsworth, S.J.
Cleveland3633Birt, M.S.M.
Cleveland4602Clegg, P.
Cleveland3304Fairbairn, W.S.
Cleveland4621Frank, D.
Cleveland4252French, A
Cleveland4501McCullagh, R.M.
Cleveland4866McGoohan, D.
Cleveland4619Mozley, P.
Cleveland4502Rossi, P.G.
Cleveland4618Sanderson, N.
Cleveland4334Semple, D.J.
Cleveland4605Smith, G.
Cleveland4469Spenceley, F.
Cottingham Parks4696Myers, G.
Cottingham Parks2470Williams, K.
Crookhill Park4201Aspden, B.T.
Crookhill Park3983Burton, S.
Crookhill Park4753Gregg, G.
Crosland Heath4966Armitage, P.
Crosland Heath1194Askew, M.G.
Crosland Heath1195Askham, B.
Crosland Heath4436Barker, R.P.
Crosland Heath4623Baxter, D.
Crosland Heath4105Booth, P.A.
Crosland Heath4625Boothroyd, A.
Crosland Heath4732Brierley, M.
Crosland Heath1938Brierley, S.
Crosland Heath4483Burgin, R.A.
Crosland Heath4961Butters, M.
Crosland Heath4722Caine, J.
Crosland Heath4834Crepaldi, P.
Crosland Heath4615Crosse, P.
Crosland Heath3784Crossley, P.
Crosland Heath4746Dearden, J.
Crosland Heath4723Delooze, D.
Crosland Heath4745Ellam, C.
Crosland Heath4316Firth, M.A.
Crosland Heath5007Furniss, C.
Crosland Heath1197Gaunt, S.J.
Crosland Heath4831Gledhill, P.
Crosland Heath3962Gledhill, R.H.
Crosland Heath4679Goldstein, T.
Crosland Heath1201Guiney, P.
Crosland Heath4918Hampson, P.
Crosland Heath4922Hartley, N.
Crosland Heath4846Hibbert, D.
Crosland Heath4934Hill, G.
Crosland Heath3895Hitchenor, S.
Crosland Heath1204Horsfall, H.A.
Crosland Heath1206Isles, R.
Crosland Heath1207Jackson, D.
Crosland Heath4824Jepson, B.
Crosland Heath1920Johnson, P.
Crosland Heath4626Kaye, N.A.
Crosland Heath4854Kidger, J.
Crosland Heath4816Land, P.
Crosland Heath4597Liall, P.W.
Crosland Heath4559Littlewood, T.
Crosland Heath4354Liversidge, D.G.
Crosland Heath4355Mann, G.
Crosland Heath4565Morris, P.
Crosland Heath4910Moss, P.
Crosland Heath4506Noble, J.R.
Crosland Heath3958Owen, R.T.
Crosland Heath4596Presley, M.S.
Crosland Heath4317Rank, S.
Crosland Heath4820Roberts, A.
Crosland Heath4844Robinson, S.
Crosland Heath4563Rose, V.
Crosland Heath4814Scholefield, R.
Crosland Heath2871Seale, G.
Crosland Heath4413Sharland, I.D.
Crosland Heath4611Taylor, A.
Crosland Heath4632Thompson, T.
Crosland Heath4568Travis, M.D.
Crosland Heath1211Walker, K.
Crosland Heath4463Wallis, I.P.
Crosland Heath4677Ward, J.
Crosland Heath4839Wilkinson, I.
Crosland Heath4731Wilson, N.
Crosland Heath4333Wright, N.J.
Crow Nest Park3879Campbell, M.A.
Crow Nest Park3880Donald, I.S.
Crow Nest Park3877Panesar, R.
Crow Nest Park4543Sydor, Z.
Crow Nest Park4508Turner, J.
Crow Nest Park3876Wilson, D.R.
Crow Nest Park3875Yendley, S.
Darrington4410Altilar, N.
Darrington4190Ball, J.
Darrington3596Belcher, M.G.
Darrington4425Bell, D.H.
Darrington4366Brown, R
Darrington3960Charlesworth, P.
Darrington4954Elliott, S.
Darrington3722Ellis, M.J.
Darrington1330Ellis, P.
Darrington4948Firth, T.A.
Darrington4289Fitton, K
Darrington1334Godridge, B.
Darrington3436Goodall, J.D.
Darrington4643Gray, S.
Darrington3534Heald, J.
Darrington4133Kelsall, T.S.
Darrington4426Land, A.T.
Darrington4870Lawson, D.
Darrington4399Mallett, C.
Darrington4627Marchant, P.
Darrington4804Minghella, D.
Darrington4852Mountain, D.
Darrington4369Nisbet, J.L.
Darrington2108Norrish, B.
Darrington4657O'malley, T.
Darrington4622Wadeley, A,
Darrington2077Whitaker, I.
Darrington4195White, S.E.S.
Darrington4807Williams, A.
Dewsbury District1228Binns, I.R.
Dewsbury District3654Binns, J.
Dewsbury District1230Kapusi, J.
Dewsbury District4520Pearson, I.M.
Dewsbury District1233Petrie, G.
Dewsbury District3586Speight, F.W.A.
Dewsbury District4756Thorn, J.
Doncaster4403Gardner, S.
Doncaster1225Green, D.A.
Doncaster4402Hamilton, E.K.
Doncaster2609Miller, P.W.
Doncaster Town Moor4464Bathgate, H.
Doncaster Town Moor4955Beevers, P.
Doncaster Town Moor4185Bentley, I.M.
Doncaster Town Moor3137Blackburn, D.C.
Doncaster Town Moor1254Bolton, J.F.
Doncaster Town Moor4754Brookes, M.
Doncaster Town Moor4428Coulstock, L.A.
Doncaster Town Moor1257Cuff, T.
Doncaster Town Moor1260Gore, T.
Doncaster Town Moor1262Grain, D.G.
Doncaster Town Moor4455Grierson, A.N.M.
Doncaster Town Moor4342Harris, A
Doncaster Town Moor4670Hempstock, R.
Doncaster Town Moor1263Housley, L.
Doncaster Town Moor4826Marshall, I.D.
Doncaster Town Moor4341Oliver, P.G.
Doncaster Town Moor1270Pickersgill, J.
Doncaster Town Moor1269Pickersgill, J.P.
Doncaster Town Moor4448Siddle, I.
Doncaster Town Moor4193Stocks, D.A.
Doncaster Town Moor1274Stojanovic, B.
Doncaster Town Moor4451Swift, B.R.
Doncaster Town Moor2513Thompson, K.
Doncaster Town Moor4446Williamson, B.
Doncaster Town Moor4432Wood, D.
Dore & Totley1275Baptie, D.I.
Dore & Totley3992Clarke, R.D.
Dore & Totley3656Smith, I.G.
Driffield1135Ashton, R.B.W.
Driffield4282Bird, M
Driffield3951Carlton, A.
Driffield5626Clark, E.M.
Driffield1287Drewery, G.
Driffield1139Duggleby, C.D.
Driffield4146Megginson, E.R.
Driffield3855Muir, B.R.
Driffield2570Ross, P.
Driffield1295Searby, D.
Driffield5662Simpson, G.
Easingwold1298Addinall, J.E.
Easingwold4585Bell, M.D.
Easingwold4584Greenwood, G.
Easingwold3910Grimes, J.F.
Easingwold4840Hopkins, M.
Easingwold3769Huddlestone, W.J.
Easingwold2744Jordan-Worrall, P.J.
Easingwold4545Moorhouse, J.V.
Easingwold2818Rotherham, D.
Easingwold4250Sherwood, P.R.
Easingwold1308Stratton, W.F.
East Bierley4450Anderson, G.
East Bierley3312Armitage, J.H.
East Bierley3425Cockcroft, D.J.
East Bierley3313Horsfall, C.J.
East Bierley3011Nicoll, T.C.
East Bierley3317Watts, R.
Eggborough1353Burbridge, J.
Eggborough3552Chester, D.
Eggborough1321Wright, D.W.
Elland4685Ainley, J.
Elland1322Collins, F.
Elland3601Jenkins, R.H.
Elland3554Scanlon, M.J.
Elland1590Ward, R.A.
Far Grange Park4033Simpson, N.
Fardew3972Plunkett, H.
Ferrybridge3631Adcock, D.A.
Ferrybridge3833Brookes, A.
Ferrybridge3590Fisher, M.
Ferrybridge4052Gillatt, D.
Ferrybridge3630Jepson, P.
Ferrybridge4053Lambert, C.
Ferrybridge1341Miller, C.A.
Ferrybridge3641Rossiter, R.A.
Ferrybridge1345Smith, D.
Ferrybridge1348Walters, E.
Ferrybridge3643Woodward, B.
Filey3795Atkinson, M.
Filey3207Bastow, C.
Filey1354Bunker, A.L.
Filey4110Campbell, B.A.
Filey2456Hadfield, P.
Filey4913Harford, M.
Filey4914Mason, R.
Filey3540Nicholson, G.J.W.
Filey3968Turner, M.I.
Flamborough Head4822Davis, M.
Flamborough Head5621Rhodes, C.B.
Flamborough Head1382Thornton, G.S.
Flamborough Head1711Tose, W.
Flamborough Head1383Warcup, J.B.
Forest of Galtres4093McLeod, M.J.
Forest of Galtres4370Moxon, D.H.
Forest of Galtres1388Thomas, B.
Forest Park4522Beckett, L.J.
Forest Park4363Clapham, D.R.
Forest Park3147Crossley, D.M.
Forest Park4447Eccles, B.W.
Forest Park4315Griffin, S
Forest Park4408Ward, M.B.
Fulford1393Allison, S.M.
Fulford1395Bainbridge, I.
Fulford4473Bellamy, N.
Fulford3617Bird, R.J.
Fulford4534Bolton, D.
Fulford1399Buck, D.J.
Fulford1402Campbell, J.B.
Fulford4337Cass, R.A.
Fulford4239Cassidy, G.M.
Fulford3872Cooper, G.D.
Fulford3952Crome, J.R.
Fulford1099Curran, P.B.
Fulford4714Dixon, M.
Fulford4946Evans, J.
Fulford3606Foster, C.A.
Fulford1413Gibson, M.
Fulford4573Grant, I.D.
Fulford5643Hardisty, N.
Fulford3970Harrison, P.L.
Fulford3971Hartley, J.S.
Fulford3964Hinder, A.W.
Fulford1423Hughes, B.W.
Fulford3978Hynes, P.
Fulford3681Jones, H.M.
Fulford2497Jones, P.R.
Fulford4701Keeney, T.
Fulford3562Kelly, D.L.
Fulford4551Kelly, M.J.
Fulford4798King, P.
Fulford3890Lisle, C.
Fulford1311Macphail, E.
Fulford1428Maguire, C.K.
Fulford3421Martin, D.
Fulford4284Miles, A
Fulford1431Miller, K.J.
Fulford3957Milton, R.J.
Fulford3420Mizon, D.
Fulford4018Monkman, B.N.
Fulford4535O'Brien, K.
Fulford2522Parker, N.R.
Fulford4286Parkinson, D
Fulford3928Pears, D.
Fulford1443Plaxton, J.L.
Fulford4454Potter, D.N.
Fulford4309Robinson, R.D.
Fulford4322Rodgers, G.A.
Fulford3956Rudd, M.J.
Fulford4572Simpson, M.G.
Fulford4462Sisson, G.
Fulford3977Snowdon, I.
Fulford4024Stericker, G.W.
Fulford3435Thompson, D.M.
Fulford1450Thornham, J.K.
Fulford3804Topping, G.A.
Fulford1451Wainwright, E.
Fulford3550Wharton, H.
Fulford4675Williams, C.
Fulneck1458Child, J.
Fulneck1459Close, J.A.
Fulneck1461Devine, F.P.
Fulneck1467Sawyer, D.B.
Fulneck3841Smith, B.
Fulneck1471Wilcock, H.
Fulneck1472Womack, M.
Ganstead Park4373Acey, C.J.
Ganstead Park1475Dickinson, A.
Ganstead Park4228Fitzsimons, K.
Ganstead Park3760Mullins, J.G.N.
Ganstead Park4371Norman, R.J.
Ganstead Park3995Osgerby, S.
Ganstead Park3986Wragg, B.
Ganton3688Charlton, J.R.F.
Ganton1487Denness, W.L.
Ganton3646Douglas, I.McK.
Ganton1627Dowswell, K.H.
Ganton1408East, S.
Ganton1156Greenhough, P.W.J.
Ganton3461Johnson, R.D.
Ganton3893Johnson, S.M.
Ganton1493Kelley, M.J.
Ganton4356Leaf, D.R.
Ganton1497McIntyre, A.
Ganton1013Nixon, T.T.
Ganton4697Ross, P.
Ganton1505Spence, J.
Ganton1506Warren, N.P.
Ganton1508Welburn, E.W.
Ganton1509Wood, S.M.
Ganton3182Woolsey, Major R.G.
Garforth4689Artis, N.
Garforth1514Bagnall, T.L.
Garforth4748Barltrop, S.
Garforth4712Batey, A.
Garforth4308Bradbrook, S.F.
Garforth4673Butterfield, J.
Garforth2893Cain, S.M.
Garforth4907Campbell, C.
Garforth4633Caslake, P.
Garforth1520Castle, R.E.
Garforth2163Chew, R.G.
Garforth4900Clark, S.
Garforth1522Croll, D.A.
Garforth4710Daniel, P.
Garforth4246Dexter, J.R.
Garforth4634Dobson, C.
Garforth3494Doughty, I.
Garforth2960Dunmore, R.
Garforth4690Edwards, J.
Garforth4743Ellis, C.
Garforth2404Fisher, M.
Garforth1527Garbutt, A.
Garforth1529Gregory, S.D.
Garforth4671Hampshire, P.
Garforth4654Harrison, D.
Garforth4706Hatch, R.
Garforth1979Hayle, W.S.
Garforth5615Hirst, P.G.
Garforth3278Hogan, B.
Garforth1530Holliday, M.S.
Garforth1531Horsfall, M.
Garforth1280Howarth, M.C.
Garforth3247Howarth, N.D.
Garforth4612Hoyle, D.
Garforth1533Jackson, T.
Garforth3582Kelly, C.
Garforth4247Kilbride, M
Garforth4086King, A.J.
Garforth2897Knott, J.L.
Garforth3579MacMillan, J.M.
Garforth1539Marshall, R.G.
Garforth1905Mawson, G.
Garforth4614McLaughlin, P.
Garforth1536Mellor, J.H.
Garforth3609Mincher, D.
Garforth3886Moore, P.
Garforth4113Nichols, D.R.
Garforth3598Nichols, S.
Garforth2140Nixon, M.
Garforth4739Osmond, J.
Garforth1541Pedley, M.
Garforth2852Readman, F.W.
Garforth2094Robson, J.L.
Garforth3667Rowell, L.
Garforth3574Rymer, B.A.
Garforth1544Shackleton, J.
Garforth5619Snowden, J.M.
Garforth4713Stableford, S.
Garforth4796Stanton, N.
Garforth1546Staples, G.W.
Garforth1547Stelling, P.
Garforth1549Sykes, D.E.
Garforth5635Tonks, A.
Garforth5670Watson, A.
Garforth4709White, C.
Gotts Park2243Bootland, L.
Gotts Park2844Mays, J.P.
Gotts Park2288Orchard, A.C.
Gotts Park3505Walls, E.
Hainsworth Park3655Gardner, P.D.
Hainsworth Park4564Young, M.
Halifax3988Broadbent, J.
Halifax3705Gerrard, A.
Halifax4301Gerrard, G.
Halifax1580Horrocks-Taylor, G.
Halifax4781Peel, D.
Halifax4238Sellars, G
Halifax3730Tomlinson, S.C.
Halifax Bradley Hall1591Atkinson, R.V.
Halifax Bradley Hall4409Bain, Dr. R.B.
Halifax Bradley Hall3798Crossland, B.E.
Halifax Bradley Hall2992Crowther, B.W.S.
Halifax Bradley Hall4424Gill, N.
Halifax Bradley Hall4980Green, B.
Halifax Bradley Hall4429Gregan, B.D.
Halifax Bradley Hall1637Hennessy, P.J.
Halifax Bradley Hall4719Hesselden, P.
Halifax Bradley Hall2458Hirst, A.
Halifax Bradley Hall1456Hodgkinson, M.
Halifax Bradley Hall1595Jones, M.
Halifax Bradley Hall4066Kent, T.
Halifax Bradley Hall4894Morten, R.
Halifax Bradley Hall4830Payne, J.R.
Halifax Bradley Hall4349Pearson, G.E.
Halifax Bradley Hall4460Pitchforth, P.M.
Halifax Bradley Hall3856Skelton, P.J.
Halifax Bradley Hall4836Stocks, D.
Halifax Bradley Hall1596Walker, C.
Halifax Bradley Hall1786Walker, J.E.
Halifax West End1598Berry, F.
Halifax West End1600Cash, G.J.
Halifax West End1603Moore, P.H.
Halifax West End3683Thornber, Dr. S.
Halifax West End3379Tiffany, R.H.
Halifax West End4172Whyte, A.G.
Hallamshire4970Bell, S.
Hallamshire4090Bullock, D.
Hallamshire2441James, R.
Hallamshire1619Ogden, B.
Hallamshire1623Saxton, R.M.
Hallowes1624Axe, D.
Hallowes4346Ogden, Dr. N.
Hallowes1632Phillips, R.
Hallowes3532Rhodes, D.H.
Hallowes1634Roddis, E.
Hallowes1635Smith, L.F.
Hanging Heaton2817Berry, P.
Hanging Heaton1641Carnall, D.C.
Hanging Heaton1644Goodair, A.M.
Hanging Heaton4437Hunter, I.R.
Hanging Heaton2451Ingham, M.
Hanging Heaton1647Lawton, B.
Hanging Heaton1651Newton, P.
Hanging Heaton1652Phillips, C.J.
Hanging Heaton1653Quayle, D.
Hanging Heaton3902Ramsey, F.
Hanging Heaton1657Sidebottom, I.M.
Hanging Heaton4293Skitt, A.W.
Hanging Heaton1658Walford, W.
Hanging Heaton1662Whelan, J.T.
Hanging Heaton4435Woolford, K.
Harrogate3437Bedford, P.
Harrogate1792Bell, Dr. F.A.
Harrogate2647Carr, A.G.M.
Harrogate4829Clarke, J.
Harrogate2800Davidson, Dr. A.J.
Harrogate3888Eades, E.J.
Harrogate4703English, S.
Harrogate1678Hickey, S.R.G.
Harrogate3664Ingledew, R.A.
Harrogate1683Kirby, A.P.
Harrogate3525Lawson, P.G.
Harrogate1918McDowall, I.
Harrogate2030O'Brien, J.P.
Harrogate1697Procter, D.G.
Harrogate1700Robinson, J.R.
Harrogate4901Sherwood, G.
Harrogate1795Stentiford, R.
Harrogate5651Traynor, J.
Harrogate1708Turnbull, B.
Harrogate3486Watson, P.
Harrogate1710Whitehead, N.
Headingley4302Cavanagh, A.
Headingley1720Flahive, M.B.
Headingley4490Hart, C.
Headingley1727Hutchinson, J.
Headingley1729Isle, G.E.
Headingley4054Padden, A.G.C.
Headingley1747Wade, R.M.B.
Headingley4898Wilton, N.
Headley3318Allan, K.
Headley2082Cooper, G.
Hebden Bridge3832Richards, C.L.
Hessle4221Bentley, P.A.
Hessle4163Best, A.D.
Hessle1755Bishop, P.
Hessle4220Britton, J.A.
Hessle4307Cheeseman, D.B.
Hessle4361Chester, R.
Hessle3635Collins, G.M.
Hessle4576Coombes, B.C.
Hessle4335Cox, J.E.
Hessle4422Cutland, P.D.
Hessle3285Davidson, C.
Hessle1759Deeming, J.M.
Hessle1760Dibnah, P.A.
Hessle4430Drake, E.C.
Hessle3689Elder, A.R.
Hessle3818Eyre, B.
Hessle3950Fairbank, S.
Hessle4362Francis, J.
Hessle4541Haines, D.J.
Hessle3693Hall, P.N.
Hessle3842Hillan, C.A.
Hessle4579Hull, P.
Hessle1765Imison, P.C.F.
Hessle4281Jones, R.C.
Hessle4343Kavanagh, S.
Hessle3909Keightley, M.S.
Hessle4873Kennedy, J.
Hessle3996King, W.D.
Hessle4938Knowles, S.
Hessle3802Makepeace, C.A.
Hessle4314Maynard, R.D.
Hessle3859McManus, J.T.
Hessle4600Moffitt, I.
Hessle3817Moulton, M.H.
Hessle4274Muir, N.
Hessle4418Nicholl, R.F.
Hessle4785Peaks, B.
Hessle4583Pecora, F.
Hessle4178Roebuck, B.L.
Hessle5004Taylor, R.
Hessle4715Thorne, K.
Hessle4575Trynka, S.J.
Hessle4917Walters, R.
Hessle4192Warwick, A.
Hessle4025Wilson, H.B.
Heworth4924Blades, M.
Heworth1775Hunt, R.J.
Heworth1778Mackenzie, L.
Heworth4067Scott, P.
Hickleton1315Brooks, T.
Hickleton1784Horniman, A.
Hickleton4062Jarvis, B.M.
Hickleton2184Kenningham, V.S.
Hickleton1788Mills, J.A.
Hickleton1452Wharton, K.
Hickleton1793Wright, D.A.
Hillsborough4290Leatherland, N.
Hillsborough4431Smith, R.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club4078Bell, K.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club4549Chan, E
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club4644Chang, M.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club2501Clough, J.S.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club3811Heald, M.C.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club3191Hoddy, D.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club4498Metcalfe, S.
Hollins Hall Hotel, Golf and Country Club3809Wildman, J.
Hornsea4350Aaron, I.W.R
Hornsea4120Bridges, P.J.
Hornsea4899Cheesmore, S.
Hornsea4737Codd, A.
Hornsea1799Cook, R.
Hornsea4645Cooke, M.
Hornsea4620Copley, P.
Hornsea4283Duckworth, J.P.
Hornsea4553Grant, Prof D.B.
Hornsea4028Hall, F.J.
Hornsea3941Hall, J.J.
Hornsea1800Kirton, B.W.
Hornsea4057Lockwood, P.J.
Hornsea4802Marson, A.
Hornsea4485McGlynn, G.B.
Hornsea4556Porrett, C.J.
Hornsea3592Pratt, J.T.
Hornsea4268Scarlett, A.J.
Hornsea4487Slingsby, D.
Hornsea4380Wainman, R.
Hornsea4273Ward, L.J.
Hornsea4280Whitton, D.J.
Hornsea1479Wood, B.A.C.
Hornsea1802Wright, S.L.
Horsforth4368Allan, M.
Horsforth1804Bland, J.
Horsforth1806Brown, B.
Horsforth1811Crann, R.G.
Horsforth1813Dickinson, A.K.
Horsforth1815Durham, T.
Horsforth2471Gill, B.
Horsforth1924Greenhalgh, T.
Horsforth4610Griggs, A.
Horsforth4372Mortimer, B.J.
Horsforth4367Pearson, T.
Horsforth1826Tye, R.E.
Horsforth2861Walker, S.
Horsforth1828Woolford, D.J.
Howley Hall1832Atkinson, K.
Howley Hall1833Backhouse, P.
Howley Hall1835Bickerdike, J.
Howley Hall3849Boitelle, G.B.E.
Howley Hall1836Boshell, T.M.
Howley Hall3871Brookes, A.
Howley Hall2037Callaghan, R.
Howley Hall1370Grimbleby, J.E.
Howley Hall3753Haywood, J.M.
Howley Hall3967Peel, D.I.
Howley Hall1851Roberts, R.I.
Howley Hall2238Shorrock, R.
Howley Hall4022Taylor, M.J.
Howley Hall4674Turner, C.
Howley Hall3870Wheelhouse, S.J.
Howley Hall1855Whittam, J.T.
Howley Hall4003Winn, J.M.
Howley Hall1856Woods, G.
Huddersfield4761Anderson, D.
Huddersfield3989Barnett, D.
Huddersfield4507Bolam, N.
Huddersfield4957Brown, E.
Huddersfield3899Burton, C.W.
Huddersfield3746Clampett, R.M.
Huddersfield3660Devey, M.
Huddersfield2561Firth, J.A.
Huddersfield3626Fuller, R.M.
Huddersfield4412Greaves, M.F.
Huddersfield4159Green, H.P.
Huddersfield4949Hanley, M.
Huddersfield1863Haywood, J.D.
Huddersfield4774Head, R.
Huddersfield3908Hirst, J.S.
Huddersfield1665Horsfall, J.S.J.
Huddersfield1582Hughes, D.C.
Huddersfield4039Humphries, A.
Huddersfield4364Hunt, J.
Huddersfield1622Jagger, P.G.
Huddersfield3991Johnson, P.T.A.
Huddersfield3749Jordan, D.
Huddersfield4453Ledgard, N.A.
Huddersfield3927Lenton, H.R.
Huddersfield4883Lucas, R.
Huddersfield4925Lum, S.
Huddersfield1887Lynn, J.P.
Huddersfield4344Maguire, D.M.
Huddersfield4772Merchant, R.
Huddersfield1866Oxley, J.D.
Huddersfield4842Pasicznyk, J.
Huddersfield5664Paul, A.
Huddersfield1685Pounder, M.
Huddersfield1867Pritchard, R.A.
Huddersfield4916Ramsbottom, D.
Huddersfield1621Roberts, D.F.
Huddersfield4821Sellen, P.
Huddersfield4997Smith, C.
Huddersfield4759Spriggs, M.
Huddersfield4915Summerscales, G.
Huddersfield4902Sykes, J.
Huddersfield3776Walker, D.A.
Huddersfield4155Washington, J.
Huddersfield1586Webb, C.P.
Huddersfield3702Webb, M.
Huddersfield2809Wells, A.
Huddersfield1160Wilson, A.N.
Hull4166Canby, J.S.
Hull1879Clark, G.E.
Hull1880Craig, A.D.
Hull1881Edmond, G.R.
Hull1882Florin, B.V.
Hull4115Grantham, D.D.
Hull1884Haley, D.W.
Hull1885Hall, M.L.
Hull1886Humphrey, B.S.
Hull3990Jackson, J.M.
Hull4742Kaye, H.
Hull4091Keough, K.W.
Hull1891Larard, S.T.
Hull1894Myers, J.
Hull4740Palmer, R.
Hull3814Rymer, N.P.
Hull3873Sullivan, P.F.
Hull1901Toothill, R.
Hunley Hall1907Walls, A.C.
Ilkley4499Benson, P.C.
Ilkley4782Benstead, N.
Ilkley2693Bretherick, P.
Ilkley3547Brown, G.A.
Ilkley1911Cockroft, R.D.
Ilkley3363Crabtree, P.E.
Ilkley4264Crosby, P.A.
Ilkley1221Downs, J.B.
Ilkley1913Flather, A.C.
Ilkley1917Hepworth, C.J.
Ilkley3271Kennedy, T.H.
Ilkley5618Richardson, P.G.
Ilkley1927Saywell, Dr. J.H.
Ilkley3423Smith, D.P.
Ilkley3650Soppitt, B.
Ilkley1930Spratt, T.J.
Ilkley3240Suzuki, T.
Keighley3357Bellas, I.
Keighley1749Carpenter, D.W.
Keighley1566Chapman, C.E.
Keighley3365Fay, J.
Keighley3369Hebden, K.J.
Keighley3371Holmes, L.S.
Keighley3381Northrop, R.A.
Keighley3382O'Hara, P.G.
Keighley3415Ratcliffe, I.L.
Keighley3389Simpson, A.
Keighley3390Smith, A.J.
Keighley4863Tabel, S.
Keighley3392Turner, E.J.
Keighley3395Waterhouse, A.B.
Keighley3647Wood, P.I.
Kilnwick Percy4530Johnson, S.R.
Kilnwick Percy4764Sologub, E.
Kirkbymoorside1009Blacklee, M.E.
Kirkbymoorside3788Carr, R.A.
Kirkbymoorside3787Feaster, B.R.
Kirkbymoorside3916Fisher, P.W.
Kirkbymoorside4204Gavins, K.
Kirkbymoorside3838Gibson, J.F.
Kirkbymoorside4244Hobcraft, J
Kirkbymoorside3734Pell, Lt.Col. J.E.
Kirkbymoorside4658Rodda, C.
Kirkbymoorside4061Westwood, C.
Kirkbymoorside1721Whyte, A.
Kirkbymoorside4034Williamson, N.
Kirkbymoorside4659Wrigley, A.
Knaresborough1939Boocock, N.
Knaresborough3539Clarke, N.
Knaresborough1437Councell, B.R.
Knaresborough1581Curston, M.R.
Knaresborough1947Dodsworth, D.
Knaresborough1015Green, A.S.
Knaresborough3488Hargreaves, I.G.
Knaresborough1958Howarth, R.
Knaresborough4570Lamb, A.G.
Knaresborough3474Laughton, C.M.
Knaresborough1963Lund, D.C.
Knaresborough3429Martin, J.
Knaresborough1174Munton, R.W.
Knaresborough1966Perry, D.
Knaresborough1968Reed, G.E.
Knaresborough1969Revell, P.N.
Knaresborough3480Robinson, J.I.
Knaresborough4803Roy, I.
Knaresborough1971Sadler, H.
Knaresborough1975Spence, K.W.
Knaresborough1977Struthers, C.G.
Knaresborough1105Tate, L.R.
Knaresborough3512Taylor, S.C.
Knaresborough1978Thom, M.
Knaresborough5616Thomas, C.
Knaresborough1980Watson, Dr. W.F.
Knaresborough1982Yarrow, Dr. A.D.
Knaresborough1985Young, Dr. F.M.
Leeds4358Bursey, C.
Leeds2862Claughton, P.
Leeds1996Dixon, B.A.
Leeds1999Gomerson, J.H.
Leeds2006Keighley, J.D.
Leeds1319Longthorne, D.
Leeds2010Noble, N.F.N.
Leeds3530Pickersgill, K.
Leeds4974Ratcliffe, M.
Leeds3163Wood, R.
Leeds Golf Centre4819Ashurst, M.
Leeds Golf Centre4875Callaghan, A.
Leeds Golf Centre4758Duckels, C.
Leeds Golf Centre4680Laverack, J.
Leeds Golf Centre4872Marshall, L.
Leeds Golf Centre4827Peter Li, W.M.
Leeds Golf Centre1179Roper, R.M.
Leeds Golf Centre4919Sandhu, P.
Leeds Golf Centre4856Walker, G.
Leeds Golf Centre4682Williams, D.
Lees Hall2018Bower, G.B.J.
Lees Hall2020Haddon, D.
Lees Hall2023Powell, E.D.
Lees Hall2024Shooter, L.
Lightcliffe2029Cox, C.J.S.
Lightcliffe3587Crossland, A.J.
Lightcliffe2033Denham, J.
Lightcliffe2034Denham, J.R.
Lightcliffe2615Keighley, A.J.
Lightcliffe2039Modgill, V.K.
Lightcliffe4662Rowland, N.
Lightcliffe4478Webster, M.
Lightcliffe4566Worthington, A.
Lindrick2044Brigham, T.H.
Lindrick4107Clarke, I.M.
Lindrick2047Jack, Lt.Cdr. R.J.M.
Longley Park4765Kendall, A.
Low Laithes5008Beckley, F.
Low Laithes4416Campling, G.R.
Low Laithes2056Curnin, M.J.
Low Laithes2055Curnin, T.S.
Low Laithes4397Don-Leo, I.
Low Laithes2058Duckett, R.V.
Low Laithes4526Galbraith, J.R.
Low Laithes4552Goznik, T.R.
Low Laithes4457Hand, K.
Low Laithes3673Hardwick, H.
Low Laithes2063Hayward, R.
Low Laithes4676Holt, R.
Low Laithes5654Lane, K.L.
Low Laithes4248Osborn, M
Low Laithes3966Parkes, G.
Low Laithes4527Philip, K.G.
Low Laithes2071Pinder, K.N.
Low Laithes3918Raithby, J.E.
Low Laithes2072Smith, C.W.
Low Laithes2073Storer, A.H.
Low Laithes4686Swain, J.
Low Laithes4396Tain, J.B.
Low Laithes2074Walker, C.
Low Laithes4862Wigglesworth, J.
Low Laithes4459Wright, D.J.
Low Laithes3982Wright, P.
Malton & Norton4882Bowie, P.
Malton & Norton2081Hague, A.
Malton & Norton2083Whitfield, J.
Marsden3930Bruce, K.
Marsden2084Cocking, J.
Marsden3227Lawrence, J.F.B.
Masham2087Ashworth, I.
Masham4569Bain, D.J.C.
Masham4521Dillon, D.
Masham1912Fieldhouse, M.
Masham4386Garbutt, N.
Masham1106Mayman, M.
Masham4511Meakin, A.J.
Masham4517Mullen, P.W.
Meltham2090Blogg, R.
Meltham3806Bower, J.A.
Meltham3742Boyle, D.A.
Meltham4929Earnshaw, M.
Meltham3929Freeland, T.
Meltham4162Haworth, H.
Meltham4832Johnstone, R.
Meltham2100Naylor, C.J.
Meltham5005Price, T.
Middlesbrough4029Artley, P.
Middlesbrough4793Barker, R.
Middlesbrough3636Benfield, P.F.
Middlesbrough4181Bollands, G
Middlesbrough3866Brown, N.
Middlesbrough4068Burnside, F.
Middlesbrough2114Clements, P.J.
Middlesbrough4496Clifton, A.
Middlesbrough2831Cook, P.
Middlesbrough3639Crowther, J.
Middlesbrough3981Donnelly, B.
Middlesbrough3716Duggan, D.
Middlesbrough3491Edwards, D.
Middlesbrough2400Finnegan, P.A.A.
Middlesbrough3665Fowler, M.W.
Middlesbrough3444Hallam, J.B.
Middlesbrough2585Hallam, M.R.
Middlesbrough2118Hicks, S.
Middlesbrough3852Hodgson, P.N.
Middlesbrough2120Hutchinson, D.
Middlesbrough1265Jackson, P.
Middlesbrough4495Keating, S.
Middlesbrough3514Killip, T.J.
Middlesbrough2122King, B.
Middlesbrough4443Kirby, R.A.
Middlesbrough3823Lawson, W.A.M.
Middlesbrough1492Lees, J.S.
Middlesbrough2929Levitt, R.A.
Middlesbrough2123Little, B.G.
Middlesbrough3724Mabbott, T.
Middlesbrough3418McLauchlan, R.W.
Middlesbrough3619Moody, J.C.
Middlesbrough2395Murphy, M.T.
Middlesbrough3576Noon, J.
Middlesbrough2126O'Connor, K.J.
Middlesbrough3857Oxley, J.H.
Middlesbrough1075Perkins, G.
Middlesbrough2128Portas, J.T.C.
Middlesbrough4599Rice, T.
Middlesbrough3864Rodwell, R.
Middlesbrough2129Ruddock, K.S.
Middlesbrough4272Russell, A.J.
Middlesbrough3398Slack, D.N.
Middlesbrough4007Stephenson, J.
Middlesbrough4006Stephenson, J.F.
Middlesbrough3443Tattersall, R.N.
Middlesbrough1906Taylor, J.T.
Middlesbrough2133Tinkler, A.
Middlesbrough3867Truefitt, G.
Middlesbrough3321Wardle, J.
Middlesbrough3487Whitfield, A.J.
Middlesbrough2135Wilson, G.S.
Middlesbrough Municipal3575Brown, T.D.
Moor Allerton3058Baskind, G.
Moor Allerton3796Borlant, S.A.
Moor Allerton3623Caplan, G.M.
Moor Allerton3223Denton, J.S.
Moor Allerton3600Earp, P.
Moor Allerton2138Fingret, S.H.
Moor Allerton4038Fromant, M.J.
Moor Allerton3780Graham, L.H.
Moor Allerton3779Gregory, R.V.
Moor Allerton3965Hyman, M.
Moor Allerton3075Martin, G.N.
Moor Allerton3975Nash, G.
Moor Allerton3628Pearce, G.D.S.
Moor Allerton3022Perry, L.
Moor Allerton3790Stone, H.
Moor Allerton3607Taylor, M.
Moor Allerton3232Towers, G.
Moor Allerton4154Williams, Dr. D.
Moortown3973Allison, J.R.F.
Moortown3775Birch, D.
Moortown2144Calvert, R.A.
Moortown2145Corscadden, J.A.B.
Moortown4330Darby, S
Moortown1567Esplin, I.F.
Moortown4145Fullerton, P.
Moortown4225Helm, A.J.
Moortown4963Holden, G.
Moortown4923Jeavons, P.
Moortown3974Mortimer, G.G.
Moortown4311Murtagh, P.
Moortown3676Mutch, W.A.
Moortown4962Pennington, C.
Moortown3766Sumpton, M.J.
Moortown3302Tomlinson, M.E.
Normanton2165Dunning, R.
Normanton1841Ellis, G.
Normanton4890Flockton, J.
Normanton1332Fortune, G.A.
Normanton1333Garbutt, J.
Normanton2168Glassell, K.
Normanton2428Griffiths, M.
Normanton1266Hall, A.
Normanton2907Handscombe, R.
Normanton3620Reid, A.J.G.
Normanton1344Senior, J.
Normanton2181Stroud, N.
Normanton4554Taylor, S.
Normanton4805Turner, P.
Normanton3906White, D.
Normanton2185Wigglesworth, T.K.
Normanton1350Wilson, P.
Northcliffe2186Anderson, R.
Northcliffe3324Andrews, D.W.
Northcliffe3747Bailey, K.
Northcliffe3328Brammah, F.
Northcliffe1673Collins, I.
Northcliffe3329Core, N.
Northcliffe3332Cowman, B.P.
Northcliffe4735Davy, A.
Northcliffe4210Edwards, C.
Northcliffe2668Garlick, A.
Northcliffe3728Glendinning, C.K.
Northcliffe4041Gunn, J.C.
Northcliffe3340Kemp, D.
Northcliffe3343Lord, J.S.
Northcliffe3344Mann, D.H.
Northcliffe3346Miller, R.
Northcliffe3347Moon, H.E.D.
Northcliffe3348Nattrass, T.E.
Northcliffe3349Nunn, D.
Northcliffe4276Summersgill, A
Northcliffe1796Waterworth, R.
Oakdale2187Audsley, J.E.
Oakdale2625Bowles, R.N.
Oakdale2189Brennan, J.C.
Oakdale4708Brown, L.
Oakdale3403Chandler, L.
Oakdale1607Dobinson, J.
Oakdale3238Fountain, M.J.
Oakdale1839Franklin, M.
Oakdale5658Gonzalez, A.
Oakdale4241Grant, P
Oakdale2197Hindmarsh, F.R.
Oakdale4384Hughes, M.D.
Oakdale4777Jaymal, S.
Oakdale1597Kubu, A.
Oakdale2433McManus, A.
Oakdale2201Pattimore, C.J.
Oakdale2206Reevey, A.D.
Oakdale2205Reevey, D.L.
Oakdale2207Rivera, E.
Oakdale3897Robson, N.T.
Oakdale3684Saynor, J.C.
Oakdale2208Sedcole, H.G.
Oakdale2209Speak, M.J.
Oakdale3847Sproull, C.
Oakdale2598Thomas, R.C.
Oakdale2210Todd, C.
Oakdale4385Wearmouth, P.
Oakdale4319Wilson, W.S.
Oakdale2212Woolley, F.E.
Otley2226Beaumont, J.
Otley2692Blackburn, G.
Otley1569Calvert, R.
Otley3290Cooper, B.
Otley4630Darby, P.
Otley2241Dunn, W.M.
Otley4629Fisher, G.
Otley4790Golland, C.
Otley2250Griffin, A.
Otley2251Hainsworth, J.A.
Otley2252Hall, C.M.R.
Otley4730Harm, A.
Otley2259Joule, R.B.
Otley2260Kellett, J.L.
Otley4994Leonard, D.
Otley4598Lomas, I.
Otley4841McGhee, J.
Otley4891Morgan - Davis, M.
Otley4098Nicklin, Dr. P.D.
Otley2919Ridyard, P.
Otley3685Riley, A.P.
Otley4788Robinson, S.
Otley3516Sedgwick, P.M.
Otley2285Shaw, J.D.
Otley2286Simpson, K.C.F.
Otley1409Smith, M.J.
Otley4083Smith, M.W.
Otley4892Stacey , A.
Otley2291Sugden, R.
Otley3282Taylor, D.A.
Otley4810Turner, P.
Otley2299Ward, M.A.
Otley4224Wilkinson, B.J.
Otley3283Wood, P.S.
Oulton Hall4237Aitchison, T
Oulton Hall2976Beatson, M.
Oulton Hall1438Birkin, K.
Oulton Hall4945Brabbs, J.
Oulton Hall2898Dews, C.
Oulton Hall4001Fowler, J.H.
Oulton Hall1823Graves, R.
Oulton Hall3041Hewlett, J.M.
Oulton Hall4656Hughes, J.
Oulton Hall4707Kilbride, T.
Oulton Hall3102McGregor, A.
Oulton Hall4965Milner, H.
Oulton Hall4935Woodward, M.
Outlane4313Blackburn, A.
Outlane4733Crowe, D.
Outlane4096Moir, N.
Outlane4848Moroney, B.
Outlane3701Wood, M.
Outlane3700Woodhead, A.B.
Pannal1164Abraham, C.T.F.
Pannal5607Adams, J.R.
Pannal4481Booth, A.
Pannal4094Bradburn, S.J.
Pannal3759Braddon, R.V.
Pannal2313Bramall, T.G.
Pannal2314Bruce, G.D.
Pannal4198Callander, A.A.
Pannal5671Caw, W.M.
Pannal4304Chicken, H.B.
Pannal2317Chippindale, I.G.
Pannal4771Cooper, R.
Pannal3568Corner, R.
Pannal2547Dalton, W.E.
Pannal4806Davies, J.
Pannal2322Elliot, I.R.
Pannal3662Flaherty, F.
Pannal2324Freeman, J.G.
Pannal4075Gilmore, J.H.
Pannal5622Hemingway, B.
Pannal5653Hindmarsh, G.
Pannal2329Holgate, R.L.
Pannal3727Holgate, R.S.
Pannal3634Holgate, T.L.
Pannal2330Honeysett, J.P.
Pannal2331Hutchinson, A.G.
Pannal2372Huxter, L.J.
Pannal2334Kennerley, J.
Pannal1002Kershaw, J.P.
Pannal2828Lambley, H.W.
Pannal4427Latham, I.A.
Pannal2339Long, D.F.D.
Pannal1014Love, C.W.
Pannal2840McDonough, E.P.
Pannal2343McFadden, D.W.
Pannal4480O'Gorman, B.J.
Pannal2199Owen, M.C.
Pannal3292Patrick, A.
Pannal4668Penman, Dr. R.
Pannal3913Poulson, H.
Pannal4542Rhodes, M.H.
Pannal2344Rhodes, S.T.U.
Pannal2345Roberts, M.
Pannal3546Rusling, N.C.
Pannal2347Seddon, J.D.
Pannal4261Shay, I.L.
Pannal2351Thomas, J.D.
Pannal4933Walker, S.
Pannal5596Walmsley, D.I.
Pannal2435Woodburn, R.W.
Pannal2357Wright, E.W.
Phoenix4717Badger, A.
Phoenix5001Badger, P.
Phoenix4420Burgin, A.
Phoenix4419Burgin, P.A.
Phoenix2358Gill, D.
Phoenix4942Patterson, I.
Phoenix4943Townrow, N.C.
Pike Hills4491Akers, W.
Pike Hills2361Atkin, D.H.
Pike Hills4624Bell, D.W.
Pike Hills4672Blogg, M.
Pike Hills4784Bootland, G.
Pike Hills4886Bradbury, A.
Pike Hills4472Bramley, K.
Pike Hills2653Butterfield, A.
Pike Hills4452Caley, M.A.
Pike Hills2362Calpin, J.
Pike Hills4909Coates, E.
Pike Hills2365Dickinson, L.A.
Pike Hills4905Edwards, D.
Pike Hills4695Fenton, D.
Pike Hills4242Goodwin, M
Pike Hills4861Gravestock, G.
Pike Hills4404Greaves, M.R.
Pike Hills4958Hale, S.
Pike Hills2368Hamilton, R.
Pike Hills5660Harding, J.E.F.
Pike Hills2369Hill, N.
Pike Hills2370Hodges, A.
Pike Hills4318Hopcutt, W
Pike Hills4638Hudson, D.
Pike Hills4505Hudson, J.W.
Pike Hills4939Jarvis, C.
Pike Hills4223King, N.S.
Pike Hills2374Marshall, J.A.
Pike Hills2375Martindale, D.G.
Pike Hills1803Masiak, J.
Pike Hills2376Newsome, M.
Pike Hills2377Oxley, D.R.
Pike Hills2378Parkinson, S.
Pike Hills4529Pfluger, M.D.
Pike Hills4887Richardson, C.
Pike Hills4471Robertson, P.
Pike Hills4616Robinson, M.
Pike Hills4528Sanderson, K.
Pike Hills4557Simpson, P.A.
Pike Hills4932Simpson, S.
Pike Hills4694Smith, I.
Pike Hills4601Smith, I.T.
Pike Hills3692Smith, J.
Pike Hills4960Stevens, D.
Pike Hills2384Thyer, M.H.
Pike Hills4865Todd, T.
Pike Hills2385Wakeman, B.
Pike Hills2386Wilson, C.J.
Pike Hills4609Wolstenholme, P.
Pike Hills4757Yates, M.
Pontefract & District2389Cranswick, S.
Pontefract & District3666Dawson, R.W.
Pontefract & District4184Huddlestone, M.
Pontefract & District1317Hurst, L.C.
Pontefract & District2394McKee, J.R.
Pontefract & District4996Pridham, N.
Pontefract & District4477Shaw, J.
Pontefract & District4897Wainwright, K.
Pontefract & District2405Wright, I.D.
Queensbury2406Andrew, H.
Queensbury2408Bootland, S.T.A.
Queensbury2409Crosfield, E.K.
Queensbury3907Farley, D.A.
Queensbury5605Forsyth, J.N.
Queensbury2412Gill, T.
Queensbury1218Harris, D.B.
Queensbury5668Horton, J.P.
Queensbury1389Magson, M.
Queensbury2414Patchett, J.B.
Queensbury5606Ralph, G.
Queensbury2419Sills, D.F.
Queensbury2422Trudgill, A.
Queensbury3498Turner, B.
Queensbury3589Wheildon, D.
Queensbury5633Wilson, E.
Rawdon2426Adams, R.A.
Rawdon2429Cannon, F.A.
Rawdon5649Lewis, J.H.
Rawdon3229Loosemore, J.N.
Rawdon2440Thrippleton, A.
Renishaw Park2516Bland, P.E.
Renishaw Park2446Bloomfield, A.
Renishaw Park2449Chambers, L.G.
Renishaw Park2450Clarke, I.
Renishaw Park2920Cooper, C.W.
Renishaw Park2453Froggatt, P.
Renishaw Park2455Harper, R.
Renishaw Park2460Kay, O.A.B.
Renishaw Park2463Lee, D.
Renishaw Park2462Metcalfe, K.
Renishaw Park2464Milner, R.H.
Renishaw Park2041Short, J.
Renishaw Park2468Smith, H.
Renishaw Park4548Stevens, C.D.
Renishaw Park2472Thickett, A.
Renishaw Park2473Towle, R.W.
Renishaw Park2478Wilson, A.
Renishaw Park2479Yewman, P.W.
Ripon City4823Burrill, K.
Ripon City2486Duffield, H.R.
Ripon City1669Duffield, R.E.
Ripon City4787Fantoni, G.F.
Ripon City4702Freeman, D.
Ripon City4637Jeffrey, R.
Ripon City4275Light, B.W.
Ripon City2491Richardson, M.
Ripon City2492Richardson, R.C.
Ripon City2493Richmond, J.H.
Rotherham3765Allford, S.
Rotherham4157Cooper, A.
Rotherham4944Davies, P.
Rotherham3073Elliott, D.
Rotherham1028Gelder, N.
Rotherham5657Littlewood, P.N.
Rotherham3406Popplewell, K.
Rotherham2503Quinn, W.S.
Rotherham4984Royston, K.
Rotherham2504Sumner, P.J.
Rotherham3559Tate, T.
Roundhay3720Brown, Dr. J.
Roundhay3445Holliday, P.
Roundhay3466Winfield, A.
Roundwood1175Abrahams, D.A.
Roundwood4036Archer, C.
Roundwood4519Atkinson, D.M.
Roundwood3637Beasley, G.E.
Roundwood3755Billups, G.
Roundwood2515Bland, E.
Roundwood2517Bratley, C.F.
Roundwood2519Cooper, R.
Roundwood2520Coultas, D.L.
Roundwood2523Hague, K.
Roundwood1069Hammerton, N.
Roundwood2525Langford, W.
Roundwood2526Machon, D.
Roundwood2527McCall, J.A.M.M.
Roundwood2424Norton, J.
Roundwood2421Nuttall, O.J.
Roundwood3427Palmowski, G.J.
Roundwood2529Philips, H.
Roundwood3764Renusz, P.
Roundwood4243Ross, D B
Roundwood2533Tingle, J.S.
Roundwood2534Ward, H.C.
Roundwood2536Winstanley, W.
Roundwood2537Woodrow, W.
Rudding Park4458Addison, J.M.
Rudding Park4775Askew, K.
Rudding Park4964Berwick, M.
Rudding Park4967Blackburn, G.
Rudding Park4988Braithwaite, R.
Rudding Park3202Brotherton, C.M.
Rudding Park4468Clements, D.J.
Rudding Park3947Gibson, G.
Rudding Park4972Holmes, P.
Rudding Park4791Illingworth, J.
Rudding Park4825Lavery, M.
Rudding Park4792Lockett, D.
Rudding Park4467Lyon, J.
Rudding Park4971Mathieson, M.
Rudding Park4729Noble, J.
Rudding Park4456Smart, D.
Rudding Park3757Ward, J.B.
Rudding Park4977Williams, A.
Ryburn5006Hirst, M.
Ryburn3733Jackson, P.A.
Saddleworth4749Wozniak, J.
Saltburn by the Sea1751Atherton, Dr. G.C.
Saltburn by the Sea4828Barker, D.
Saltburn by the Sea2539Batts, A.E.
Saltburn by the Sea2985Blair, P.
Saltburn by the Sea4051Burns, R.
Saltburn by the Sea4878Cole, I.
Saltburn by the Sea3622Coombs, I.R.
Saltburn by the Sea4013Craven, B.
Saltburn by the Sea4014Downing, W.T.
Saltburn by the Sea4232Emmerson, G
Saltburn by the Sea4607Farrer, A.
Saltburn by the Sea4020Goundry, J.
Saltburn by the Sea4631Griffiths, W.
Saltburn by the Sea4661Harrison, A.
Saltburn by the Sea4692Henderson, Mr. T.
Saltburn by the Sea3424Hodgson, B.
Saltburn by the Sea4581Horner, C.
Saltburn by the Sea4665Kane, J.
Saltburn by the Sea4277Kidd, A.
Saltburn by the Sea4699Lenihan, D.
Saltburn by the Sea3674Malone, N.J.A.
Saltburn by the Sea1007Manship, L.
Saltburn by the Sea4235Maplesden, A
Saltburn by the Sea3854Marsden, D.S.
Saltburn by the Sea4850Martyn, C.
Saltburn by the Sea2541Metcalfe, P.L.
Saltburn by the Sea1692Morgan, R.
Saltburn by the Sea1877Morris, C.
Saltburn by the Sea4234Morton, F
Saltburn by the Sea2543Moxham, P.
Saltburn by the Sea3298Nalton, D.C.
Saltburn by the Sea4847Pattinson, M.
Saltburn by the Sea4639Patton, E.
Saltburn by the Sea4278Preece, M
Saltburn by the Sea1046Roberts, L.E.D.
Saltburn by the Sea3891Roggeveen, H.
Saltburn by the Sea4613Stowe, P.
Saltburn by the Sea4811Sudron, J.
Saltburn by the Sea4475Taylor, A.
Saltburn by the Sea3851Tongue, D.
Saltburn by the Sea3884Tucker, K.E.
Saltburn by the Sea1191Turner, C.R.
Saltburn by the Sea4482Wagstaff, S.A.R.
Saltburn by the Sea3642Webb, P.B.
Saltburn by the Sea3496Wilson, P.W.
Sand Moor4374Brown, R.A.
Sand Moor4538Carpenter, W.A.
Sand Moor3709Fox, G.S.
Sand Moor4194Fretwell, K.
Sand Moor4704Hallas, J.
Sand Moor4391Hodgson, D.R.
Sand Moor2549Hughes, D.
Sand Moor4705Martin, T.
Sand Moor3707Matharu, M.
Sand Moor4411McMeeking, Dr. I. D.
Sand Moor2553Mitchell, R.
Sand Moor3416Roper, K.M.
Sand Moor4976Scholes, M.
Sand Moor4414Scurr, H.G.
Sand Moor4390Wood, C.J.
Sandburn Hall4857Akers, D.
Sandburn Hall1390Almond, J.
Sandburn Hall4853Barker, C.
Sandburn Hall4137Barrett, S.J.
Sandburn Hall4859Boyle, J.
Sandburn Hall2229Brick, A.
Sandburn Hall4306Cambridge, R.M.
Sandburn Hall4440Clough, I.R.
Sandburn Hall4439Colley, M.J.
Sandburn Hall4594Ellis, D.
Sandburn Hall4950Hart, N.
Sandburn Hall4981Jaynes, K.
Sandburn Hall4975Kitchen, D.
Sandburn Hall4711Marsh, K.
Sandburn Hall4953Marshall, P.
Sandburn Hall4577McGlashan, D.
Sandburn Hall4855McLorg, C.
Sandburn Hall4211Moore, J.
Sandburn Hall4889Payne, C.
Sandburn Hall4809Sherwood, D.
Sandburn Hall4177Smith, S.
Sandburn Hall4648Thomas, E.
Sandburn Hall4136Wilkins, G
Sandburn Hall4254Wragg, J
Sandhill1604Gillott, R.
Sandhill4063Martin, S.
Sandhill3743Middlemiss, M.
Sandhill2565Stones, R.J.
Sandhill2564Stones, R.R.
Sandhill1072Waltham, P.
Scarborough North Cliff3583Arden, D.J.
Scarborough North Cliff2568Atack, J.
Scarborough North Cliff3489Bristow, G.E.
Scarborough North Cliff4979Brown, A.
Scarborough North Cliff2576Ellard, I.D.
Scarborough North Cliff2579Jackson, C.
Scarborough North Cliff4189Krlic, P.M.
Scarborough North Cliff3773Mitchell, J.
Scarborough North Cliff1847Naylor, M.
Scarborough North Cliff2584Pearson, C.B.
Scarborough North Cliff4148Richardson, J.A.
Scarborough North Cliff2588Smith, B.C.
Scarborough North Cliff4877Stanley, C.
Scarborough North Cliff4060Stansfield, R.M.
Scarborough North Cliff4147Titley, J.A.
Scarborough North Cliff2596Witton, K.P.
Scarborough South Cliff3567Wood, A.P.
Scarcroft3506Atherton, R.
Scarcroft5663Benson, R.C.
Scarcroft2611Brookes, T.
Scarcroft2612Clarkson, J.T.
Scarcroft5630Dickinson, C.
Scarcroft2614Hamilton, G.
Scarcroft4838Hodgkinson, M.
Scarcroft2836Hogg, I.F.
Scarcroft4817Holliday, M.
Scarcroft4818Holliday, M.
Scarcroft4393Ineson, T.
Scarcroft4218Kay, J.
Scarcroft3846McKechnie, H.
Scarcroft5639Reynolds, C.H.
Scarcroft2853Richardson, E.
Scarcroft2180Spain, A.W.
Scarcroft3997Squire, M.A.
Scarcroft3987Stevenson, R.A.
Scarcroft3566Sumner, H.M.
Scarcroft1219Walker, D.
Scarcroft2619Whyte, D.
Selby2622Barker, P.J.
Selby2623Barnett, G.L.
Selby2628Carey, D.E.
Selby2629Carpenter, L.H.
Selby2630Carr, M.
Selby3850Cockerham, M.
Selby4438Davies, R.
Selby3782Dodd, P.J.
Selby5644Easton, P.D.
Selby4087Emerson, G.
Selby2638England, J.
Selby2639Fairweather, B.E.
Selby2640Farmer, F.
Selby2642Ferguson, W.
Selby3441Gill, A.
Selby4655Gledhill, S.
Selby2499Green, L.
Selby2645Greenhow, J.W.
Selby2646Hardy, Dr. D.G.
Selby2649Hill, M.D.
Selby2650Hinchcliffe, P.
Selby5590Huddlestone, J.M.
Selby2654Hutchinson, T.
Selby3663Jervis, D.
Selby2658Kelsey, J.P.L.
Selby3682Kettlewell, J.J.
Selby4813Knights, D.
Selby2661Leveridge, A.
Selby1318Limbert, J.D.
Selby2662Maddison, S.R.
Selby4017Marston, B.
Selby2669McMorris, L.
Selby2665Middlebrook, P.J.
Selby3723Moore, G.
Selby1283Oxley, I.W.
Selby4188Railton, J.C.
Selby4336Ramsey, D
Selby5641Shaw, J.
Selby2673Smith, D.
Selby4213Steen, B.A.
Selby4843Sykes, P.
Selby2078Taylor, I.M.
Selby2675Thomas, P.E.
Selby2676Thompson, P.
Selby2679Umpleby, T.S.
Selby2680Verney, F.C.
Selby2681Walker, L.
Selby1216Webster, J.R.
Selby2682White, E.
Selby2683Willis, J.C.
Selby2684Wilson, A.
Selby2686Withers, J.
Selby2687Wright, J.G.
Shipley2690Atkinson, Dr. J.R.
Shipley3359Brook, S.H.
Shipley4298Brophy, C.
Shipley2315Crowther, F.L.
Shipley2703Cunningham, J.
Shipley2706Dore, A.P.
Shipley4222Emmett, A.G.
Shipley4588Emmett, M.
Shipley4567Exley, M.
Shipley2608Gaunt, F.
Shipley3961Glacken, B.J.
Shipley4348Gould, J.
Shipley4352Greaves, J.
Shipley4002Hope, R.P.
Shipley3509Howcroft, Dr. N.S.
Shipley4332Howroyd, C.F.
Shipley4152Illingworth, B.M.
Shipley4992Ingham, G.
Shipley3892Jagger, J.
Shipley2717Jones, P.
Shipley3470Leah, K.
Shipley4590Mangham, S.
Shipley2723Marshall, R.S.
Shipley4236Mazurke, D.J.
Shipley2725McNeill, M.
Shipley4088Midgley, J.C.
Shipley4587Palframan, G.
Shipley3409Pheasey, M.
Shipley4156Procter, M.J.
Shipley4174Sharpley, D.R.
Shipley2728Shields, T.
Shipley3715Smith, Dr. M.L.
Shipley4603Swainston, A.
Shipley3400Townsend, A.E.
Shipley4479Wainman, M.P.
Sickleholme2733Allen, M.J.
Sickleholme1087Athorn, R.
Sickleholme3002Foster, D.
Silkstone4125Beaumont, A.
Silkstone2735Chatterton, D.
Silkstone4050Cook, A.H.
Silkstone4126Cook, M.
Silkstone4143Crawshaw, P.
Silkstone4959Driver, P.
Silkstone4999Dyson, J.
Silkstone4978Garner, T.
Silkstone4124Geal, K.A.
Silkstone4127Harris, M.
Silkstone4983Jackson, I.
Silkstone4489Jackson, P.L.
Silkstone4858Johnson, D.
Silkstone4982Jordan, J.
Silkstone4118Kershaw, G.
Silkstone4928Littlewood, J.
Silkstone3531Lockwood, E.
Silkstone2193Marsden, H.M.
Silkstone2116Ogley, P.
Silkstone4808Pawson, J.
Silkstone2915Rimmington, S.
Silkstone3869Scargill, T.N.
Silkstone2881Smith, D.A.
Silkstone3053Sunderland, D.H.
Silkstone4937Waters, A.
Silkstone3830Wike, K.
Silkstone2876Woffenden, J.
Silkstone4985Wright, K.
Silsden2738Lampkin, A.R.C.
Sitwell Park3526Lees, F.J.
Sitwell Park2754Newell, R.
Sitwell Park2756Smith, D.
Sitwell Park2758Stirling, R.
Sitwell Park2763Wright, T.W.
Skidby Lakes3679Milner, N.
Skipton4059Copley, R.J.
Skipton4684Ellwood, P.
Skipton2766Fairest, S.G.
Skipton2767Fothergill, D.E.
Skipton4778Grinstead, G.
Skipton3945James, L.D.
Skipton4510Jones, C.M.
Skipton2772Murgatroyd, P.N.
Skipton2774Padgett, J.
Skipton2777Rasche, B.E.
Skipton2776Rasche, D.A.
Skipton2778Seymour, D.E.
Skipton4776Tordoff, M.
Skipton4896Wilson, A.
South Bradford2779Barry, N.P.
South Bradford1398Broadbent, B.
South Bradford3460Cannar, J.M.
South Bradford3410Chapman, M.
South Bradford3450Darvill, K.E.
South Bradford2785Firth, G.
South Bradford2787Garside, A.S.
South Bradford2790Hodgson, M.
South Bradford2796Manks, H.
South Bradford2797Moulson, W.E.
South Bradford2799Pearson, A.
South Bradford2804Shaw, R.H.
South Bradford2807Tiffany, R.
South Bradford2808Ward, S.J.
South Bradford2810Wharton, L.M.
South Bradford2095White, P.D.
South Bradford2811Wright, T.R.
South Bradford2812Yarnold, G.M.
South Leeds3454Banyard, M.A.
South Leeds2814Barber, S.
South Leeds2822Carruthers, J.A.
South Leeds2823Clarkson, M.
South Leeds2829Fox, P.G.
South Leeds3578Kilburn, E.
South Leeds2839Lehan, H.
South Leeds3791Moss, J.P.
South Leeds2850Reucroft, E.
South Leeds2854Robinson, G.
South Leeds2855Roche, P.
South Leeds2858Sidebottom, D.
South Leeds3287Storey, P.
South Leeds2859Sutcliffe, B.
South Leeds3994Turner, N.J.
South Leeds2860Turtle, D.
South Leeds2863White, V.
Springhead Park2866Bayley, G.
Springhead Park2867Boulton, R.B.
Springhead Park2868Coggin, J.B.
Springhead Park2869Coggrave, F.
Springhead Park3751McLoughlin, P.A.
Sutton Park2648Baker, R.P.
Sutton Park2655Coolledge, J.S.
Swallow Hall1412Fitzmaurice, K.C.
Tadcaster4940Aspinall, E.
Tadcaster1327Bilton, T.B.
Tadcaster1338Harrison, K.
Tadcaster4991Keenan, C.
Tadcaster4653Mattison, M.
Tadcaster3170Parker, D.J.
Tadcaster4851Prideaux, A.
Tadcaster4752Sadler, S.
Tadcaster3503Smith, D.
Tankersley Park4141Addy, R.G.
Tankersley Park4085Ballard, S.D.
Tankersley Park5608Boardman, J.E.
Tankersley Park4524Brown, S.P.
Tankersley Park4728Campbell, P.
Tankersley Park2986Cotterill, R.
Tankersley Park3680Douglas, J.R.
Tankersley Park4196Goulding, I.
Tankersley Park4209Guest, S.
Tankersley Park2872Gunnee, N.B.
Tankersley Park4582Hannity, J.
Tankersley Park3839Neville, A.M.
Tankersley Park4134Pearce, W.
Tankersley Park4417Simpson, I.B.
Tankersley Park4197West, G.
Teesside2886Cox, D.W.
Teesside2887Flattley, P.A.
Teesside2891Robinson, A.J.
Teesside2892Wardle, C.
Templenewsam3518Cain, M.
Templenewsam4912Cothay, D.
Templenewsam2894Gaughan, J.
Templenewsam4911Hardy, D.
Templenewsam2895Hector, K.
Templenewsam2896Kay, J.H.
Templenewsam4876Milner, S.
Templenewsam4885Orrell, J.
Templenewsam4160Rollinson-White, J.P.
Templenewsam5009Smith, K.
Templenewsam4893Winters, M.
The Manor3937Lambert, S.W.E.
The Manor3883Mytton, J.H.
The Manor5003Singh, S.
The Manor3979Sterling, E.
The Oaks4725Ball, A.
The Oaks1186Berry, J.D.
The Oaks4169Bowker, M.A.
The Oaks4888Burdin, T.
The Oaks4382Cole, G.
The Oaks4751Dash, S.
The Oaks4726Davies, S.
The Oaks4168Dell, R.
The Oaks4760Hindle, A.
The Oaks3387Johnson, G.A.
The Oaks4797Laidler, S.
The Oaks4669Lee, I.
The Oaks4292Leetham, C
The Oaks3729Murden, J.
The Oaks4895Mutters, H.
The Oaks4176Norman, B.
The Oaks4257Norman, D
The Oaks4580Rowland, W.
The Oaks2222Stainthorpe, D.
The Oaks4698Tait, P.
The Oaks3914Walsh, D.R.
Thirsk & Northallerton1158Barrigan, R.
Thirsk & Northallerton2901Batterbee, G.S.
Thirsk & Northallerton4226Clemmit, Dr. A.F.
Thirsk & Northallerton2903Dickinson, K.A.
Thirsk & Northallerton2904Flintoff, J.B.
Thirsk & Northallerton2905Fox, J.T.
Thirsk & Northallerton2906Fox, M.W.
Thirsk & Northallerton3919Helliwell, R.H.W.
Thirsk & Northallerton1561Mills, E.
Thirsk & Northallerton2917Thompson, W.A.
Thornhurst Park1336Hall, K.
Thornhurst Park4799Martin, D.
Todmorden4070Greenwood, C.
Todmorden2922Uttley, R.D.
Wakefield2924Abbott, C.
Wakefield2925Atkinson, G.D.
Wakefield3926Beck, G.
Wakefield4691Beckett, M.
Wakefield2610Blackburn, R.
Wakefield2052Bladen, S.C.
Wakefield2928Bloomer, P.G.A.
Wakefield4288Booth, M.J.
Wakefield4287Bradbury, R
Wakefield4688Broadbent, T.
Wakefield4158Brown, D.S
Wakefield3535Carder, C.J.
Wakefield1584Chapman, B.I.
Wakefield3925Clough, J.A.
Wakefield3831Corscadden, P.A.
Wakefield4401Coulsey, R.A.D.
Wakefield3262Cullen, E.
Wakefield2297Dews, R.
Wakefield5652Drinkwater, W.
Wakefield4641Finch, W.
Wakefield3934Goodwin, I.C.
Wakefield2933Gray, D.J.
Wakefield2936Halstead, R.A.
Wakefield2937Haskell, J.M.
Wakefield2054Heath, M.
Wakefield4879Hewitt, B.
Wakefield2941Jagger, M.
Wakefield4716James, K.
Wakefield2943Kellett, R.
Wakefield3984Lawson, R.A.
Wakefield4394Mann, J.M.
Wakefield3752Margison, P.
Wakefield1006Mason, S.J.
Wakefield2946May, P.W.
Wakefield5642McVicar, A.J.
Wakefield2948Newsome, J.O.
Wakefield3741Newton, J.
Wakefield2949Otley, R.
Wakefield4251Parker, B
Wakefield2951Pitchford, P.J.
Wakefield4271Ramsay, A.L.
Wakefield4183Richards, J.V.
Wakefield2955Schofield, J.
Wakefield3903Senior, B.
Wakefield4783Sewell, B.
Wakefield1085Shenton, D.J.
Wakefield1572Slater, P.
Wakefield2957Smith, A.D.
Wakefield5625Stanier, D.A.
Wakefield2959Stead, M.
Wakefield3492Stringer, P.J.
Wakefield2961Tear, D.
Wakefield2962Thompson, Dr. J.D.
Wakefield2963Underwood, H.
Wakefield4303Uttley, D.H.
Wakefield4486Wheeldon, R.
Wakefield2530Wilkes, P.G.
Wakefield4903Worth, R.
Wakefield2969Youde, R.
Wakefield City4683Earnshaw, B.
Wakefield City2973Hartshorne, L.
Wakefield City4512Munro, W.J.
Wakefield City2977Sampson, D.
Wakefield City4300Stevenson, D
Wakefield City2983Wood, M.
Waterton Park4423Cousins, S.
Waterton Park4869Halliwell, R,
Waterton Park1086Lammas, L.E.
Waterton Park4258Laverack, P
Waterton Park4766Malik, O.
Waterton Park4388Naylor, R.
Waterton Park4377Nice, S.B.
Waterton Park4032Simpson, D.
Wath2988Kirby, C.
Wath1816Marriott, A.
West Bowling2990Benn-Landale, P.
West Bowling5613Langley, J.
West Bowling3010McMahon, K.
West Bradford3024Battye, H.S.
West Bradford4724Chan, J.
West Bradford4119Doull, M.G.
West Bradford3028Farnell, D.
West Bradford3029Halliday, K.A.
West Bradford3031Ingham, D.
West Bradford3032Jackson, D.
West Bradford3033Kunz, B.C.
West Bradford3035Metcalfe, W.
West Bradford3037Murgatroyd, S.W.
West Bradford3038Nixon, G.A.
West Bradford3039O'Rourke, T.E.
West Bradford4660Potts, D.C.
West Bradford3044Walker, J.
West Bradford3045Warner, S.C.
Wetherby3048Ball, R.
Wetherby4647Carnazza, C.
Wetherby4747Cheetham, G.
Wetherby3051Coates, A.G.
Wetherby3054Crowther, K.
Wetherby3172Henderson, D.
Wetherby3060Herridge, M.L.
Wetherby3059Herridge, P.A.
Wetherby3062Ison, E.
Wetherby3999Jolliffe, P.R.
Wetherby3064Lelean, J.E.
Wetherby3047Mackie, P.S.
Wetherby3081Marsden, B.
Wetherby3065Noble, R.C.
Wetherby4574Preston, A.T.
Wetherby2359Prickett, R.J.
Wetherby3067Samways, L.J.A.
Wetherby3948Saunders, D.P.
Wetherby4595Smith, P.
Wetherby3069Viner, P.
Wetherby3071West, J.
Wetherby3133Wilk, R.A.
Wetherby4650Yarwood, D.
Wheatley3920Banks, D.J.
Wheatley3938Beckwith, A.
Wheatley4433Bint, D.M.
Wheatley3072Bint, R.
Wheatley3933Bowmer, N.
Wheatley4112Brannan, M.A.
Wheatley4405Bryce, C.W.
Wheatley3738Burdock, T.D.
Wheatley4165Carmody, M.
Wheatley4101Christie, P.J.
Wheatley4049Cox, G.
Wheatley4693Dalton, R.
Wheatley4871Daly, N.
Wheatley4589Denford, J.
Wheatley4123Desourdy, N.J.
Wheatley2213Dickinson, B.
Wheatley4071Downes, L.
Wheatley4212Dyas, R.
Wheatley3921Foster, F.J.
Wheatley4114Friar, A.
Wheatley4122Grierson, T.
Wheatley4494Hewitt, A.P.
Wheatley4769Hicks, G.
Wheatley4461Hobson, R.
Wheatley4768Hood, I.
Wheatley3739Horniman, K.
Wheatley4465Houghton, H.W.B.
Wheatley3536Hunt, J.M.
Wheatley3542Jackson, V.
Wheatley4340James, R.W.
Wheatley3923Kitching, M.
Wheatley4267McMullen, K.K.
Wheatley4082Mitchell, D.
Wheatley3570Moore, J.
Wheatley4200Moore, R.
Wheatley2220Noonan, K.
Wheatley4040Norman, A.L.
Wheatley4786Northedge, D.
Wheatley4312Oliver, D.
Wheatley4171Outhwaite, R.R.
Wheatley4182Phillips, L.B.
Wheatley3529Poppleton, P.C.
Wheatley4099Rabbitt, M.
Wheatley3845Reynolds, P.K.
Wheatley4767Rourke, G.
Wheatley4762Simmonds, H.
Wheatley3569Slater, S.B.
Wheatley3900Smith, D.
Wheatley3785Smith, J.L.
Wheatley3761Taylor, J.
Wheatley3758Train, D.
Wheatley4795Walker, P.
Wheatley4214Whitehouse, A.T.
Wheatley4815Woods, C.
Whitby3605Barker, A.K.
Whitby3079Cooling, G.
Whitby5591Robinson, J.K.
Willow Valley4720Freeman, J.
Willow Valley1268Orrell, J.A.
Wilton3731Anderson, P.
Wilton4744Buxton, J.
Wilton3096Melling, J.C.
Woodhall Hills3104Ball, H.E.B.
Woodhall Hills3105Bottomley, A.
Woodhall Hills3106Dufton, R.N.
Woodhall Hills3697Farnell, R.I.
Woodhall Hills3976Jagger, R.
Woodhall Hills4794Martin, B.
Woodhall Hills1183Peat, R.D.
Woodhall Hills3115Slater, P.
Woodhall Hills3023Wilson, F.
Woodsome Hall2674Beaumont, K.
Woodsome Hall1576Blakeley, G.
Woodsome Hall3824Bray, R.J.
Woodsome Hall3868Cherry, T.J.
Woodsome Hall4663Coupland, J.M.
Woodsome Hall3912Dey, Dr. J.M.M.
Woodsome Hall3124Firth, B.
Woodsome Hall5648Guest, A.
Woodsome Hall4240Haigh, A B
Woodsome Hall3128Jagger, J.G.
Woodsome Hall3935Mansfield, J.M.
Woodsome Hall3130Marshall, R.
Woodsome Hall4031Pilling, K.A.
Woodsome Hall3135Sawyer, J.W.
Woodsome Hall4081Sawyer, P.
Woodsome Hall4578Skippins, K.
Woodsome Hall3139Woodhouse, W.D.N.
Woolley Park3898Atkinson, C.P.
Woolley Park4219Barnes, S.
Woolley Park4128Barrett, C.W.
Woolley Park2882Bayley, J.
Woolley Park4941Birch, G.
Woolley Park4259Birkett, G.J.
Woolley Park4269Broadhead, I.M.
Woolley Park4199Broadhead, P.A.
Woolley Park4969Burgin, D.
Woolley Park4117Carver, G.
Woolley Park4205Clarke, G.
Woolley Park4173Cooke, J.V.
Woolley Park4121Cosgrove, A.
Woolley Park4770Cousins, C.
Woolley Park4294Coverdale, C.
Woolley Park4513Crosse, J.P.
Woolley Park4103Crowther, S.
Woolley Park4265Dickinson, G.
Woolley Park4780Firth, G.
Woolley Park4687Frudd, B.
Woolley Park4514Gordon, I.J.
Woolley Park2745Grundon, N.H.
Woolley Park4484Hawkins, D.A.
Woolley Park3140Holmes, D.A.
Woolley Park4874Holt, I.
Woolley Park1119Horbury, P.
Woolley Park4734Johnson, C.
Woolley Park1369Jones, P.J.J.
Woolley Park4445Kirk, M.D.
Woolley Park4150Lloyd, M.P.
Woolley Park4837Long, T.
Woolley Park4652Mitchell, G.
Woolley Park4995Northrop, D.
Woolley Park4906Northrop, G.
Woolley Park4515O'Brien, D.
Woolley Park4206Oldfield, R.J.
Woolley Park4904Onions, M.
Woolley Park4835Powell, N.
Woolley Park4550Redfern, K.D.
Woolley Park4993Schulz, P.
Woolley Park4434Secker, L.D.
Woolley Park3827Smith, B.L.
Woolley Park4864Spencer, A.
Woolley Park4908Sprott, T.
Woolley Park4504Stoffel, R.P.
Woolley Park4217Townend, I.R.
Woolley Park4149Turner, P.
Woolley Park4016Warzytz, M.
Woolley Park4880Whittleston, P.
Woolley Park4144Williams, D
Woolley Park4666Williams, R.
Woolley Park4229Wintersgill, J.
Woolley Park4860Wood, K.
Woolley Park4305Ying, B.
Wortley4561Arabsky, P.
Wortley4868Brewis, M.
Wortley4750Foers, G.
Wortley3792Fox, P.
Wortley3143Hulley, G.K.
Wortley4593Ray, R.A.
Wortley4180Wike, C.
York4738Atkinson, M.
York4255Black, J
York4635Brooks, D.
York4253Burton, A.M.
York4968Carlton, A.
York3144Clark, J.
York4801Cox, R.
York4111Crapper, N.
York4636Dand, M.
York4474Duncan, A.
York4406Eddison, M.
York4493Enos, J.
York4867Fraser, A.
York4592Hardy, J.
York4812Hartwell, G.
York3155Hayhurst, E.W.
York1385Hough, D.B.
York1384Hough, J.B.
York1386Hough, M.J.
York4262Ivel, N.
York3160Jesper, D.G.S.
York4476Lawn, N.
York1771Mackland, I.D.
York4617Morris, K.
York3169Pearson, J.O.
York4266Pinder, B.J.
York3805Quinn, R.
York4537Redgwick, S.
York4492Renton, P.
York4256Roberts, M
York3173Salter, G.A.H.
York1448Shepherd, A.M.
York2025Shouksmith, R.P.
York4310Spear, S.
York3176Stevens, P.W.
York4591Tanner, S.
York3477Webster, J.L.
York4539Woodhouse, A.
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