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County Members’ fixture list for 2017

Draw sheets and Results will be displayed as they become available.

For forms to enter these events, click here; please remember to set your printer to use Landscape mode.


SPR1Spring Meeting No.1Thursday, 4th May 2017Thursday, 13th April 2017Hornsea G.C.Result
SPR2Spring Meeting No.2Thursday, 18th May 2017Thursday, 27th April 2017Dewsbury District G.C.Result
SEN1Seniors Meeting No.1Thursday, 1st June 2017Thursday, 11th May 2017Ilkley G.C.Result
SEN2Seniors Meeting No.2Thursday, 15th June 2017Thursday, 25th May 2017The Oaks G.C.Result
SUM1Summer Meeting No.1Thursday, 6th July 2017Thursday, 15th June 2017Crosland Heath G.CResult
SUM2Summer Meeting No.2Thursday, 20th July 2017Thursday, 29th June 2017Sitwell Park G.C.Result
AUT1Autumn Meeting No.1Thursday, 10th August 2017Thursday, 20th July 2017Tankersley Park G.C.Result
AUT2Autumn Meeting No.2Thursday, 31st Aug 2017Thursday, 10th August 2017Ripon City G.C.Result
INVInvitation MeetingThursday, 21st Sept 2017Thursday, 31st Aug 2017Harrogate G.C.Result
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