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County Members’ fixture list for 2016

Draw sheets and Results will be displayed as they become available.


SPR1Spring Meeting No.1Thursday, 5th May 2016Thursday, 14th April 2016Garforth G.C.2016 SPR1 Results
SPR2Spring Meeting No.2Thursday, 19th May 2016 Thursday, 28th April 2016Harrogate G.C.2016 SPR2 Results
SEN1Seniors Meeting No.1Thursday, 2nd June 2016Thursday, 12th May 2016Horsforth G.C.2016 SEN1 Results
SEN2Seniors Meeting No.2Thursday, 16th June 2016Thursday, 26th May 2016Hallowes G.C.Cancelled - but rearranged - see below
SUM1Summer Meeting No.1Thursday, 7th July 2016Thursday, 16th June 2916Beverley & East Riding G.C2016 SUM1 Results
SUM2Summer Meeting No.2Thursday, 21st July 2016Thursday, 30th June 2016Cleveland G.C.2016 SUM2 Results
AUT1Autumn Meeting No.1Thursday, 18th August 2016Thursday, 28th July 2016Skipton G.C.2016 AUT1 Results
AUT2Autumn Meeting No.2Thursday, 1st Sept 2016Thursday, 11th August 2016Hainsworth Park G.C.2016 AUT2 Results
INVInvitation MeetingThursday, 22nd Sept 2016Thursday, 1st Sept 2016Fulford G.C.2016 INV Results
SEN2Seniors Meeting No.2Thursday, 29th Sept 2016Thursday, 8th Sept 2016Hallowes G.C.2016 SEN2 Results
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