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County Members' Events GG2021

To register for a County Members’ event you must be a member of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs County Members Association and have a valid membership number.

If you are not yet a member of the Association and would like to apply click here.

If you are a member and have misplaced your membership details then you can find them here.

To enhance the player experience, comply with COVID safety principles as well as improve efficiency and effectiveness for all, YUGC are introducing a new process for Event entry this year to simplify things for all.

This requires all Event Players to have a YUGC account if they wish to play in any of the YUGC events.

To setup your YUGC account please refer to and complete the details shown by using this link YUGC ACCOUNT REGISTRATION following the instructions contained on the linked page carefully.

The 2021 County Members Events are shown below and entries for the competitions can be made by clicking on the “View” link once the event status is shown as “Open”.

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