In response to the most unusual situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yorkshire Union have decided to amend, for 2020, the arrangements for the issue of County Cards.

At a time when club membership is vital to the health of our clubs, and indeed for the future of golf, the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs (YUGC) and the Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Association (YLCGA) are keen to assist all affiliated clubs promote the benefits of club membership.

With this in mind we are offering the opportunity for all club members (aged 18 and over) to participate, FREE OF CHARGE, in the 2020 County Card scheme. (The annual cost of individual cards is usually £10).  The cards are only available to members of affiliated clubs, so encouraging membership of such a club.  In order to assist Clubs in the retention of playing members, the Union will issue up to 30 cards to any club that requests them.  The club can decide how to distribute the cards; they might, for example, offer them as a bonus for those members who renew membership promptly, or merely issue them temporarily to a member who needs one for occasional use.

In addition, to be eligible to get a card the member’s club MUST be a participating club – if your club is not yet registered, please consider the benefits of participation – see below for more information, and for details of how to register.

The card will afford both lady and gentlemen members, subject to the conditions of use, the opportunity to visit other courses in Yorkshire and potentially beyond, where County Card users enjoy preferential terms.

Any member who has already purchased a 2020 County Card will be able to apply next year for a 2021 Card free of charge, subject to the usual conditions.  Further information on this will be on the website in 2021.

Additional information is given below, as are details of the usual arrangements for the issue of County Cards.

To get one of the free County Cards for 2020, please contact your club Secretary/Manager, who has been given information on how to get the cards.

If you still wish to purchase your own County Card, please use the appropriate link later in this article.

For further assistance, please contact the County Card Administrator [details below].


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The card is available to male and female members of affiliated Clubs that have registered their participation in the scheme, thus encouraging golfers to seek membership of those Clubs that offer the card. Similar schemes are already in operation in most Counties and have proved greatly beneficial to affiliated Clubs, both in terms of visitor numbers and the retention of members. Since its inception the scheme has gone national with about 1,350 clubs throughout England taking part.

How does the scheme work for Clubs?

  1. County Cards may only be sold to members of participating Clubs, which have agreed to accept card holders in return.
  2. Clubs are completely free to impose restrictions on visitor numbers and times, including periods of the year, and to set the discounted rate which will be used.
  3. Club Members are not compelled to purchase a card.
  4. Cards will be valid for 12 months.
  5. Clubs may buy cards in bulk for members, [at a discounted rate] using the 2020 Bulk Purchase form.
  6. Alternatively, cards can be purchased for named members, using the 2020 Player application form, which should be submitted with the names of their members who wish to purchase cards.
  7. Clubs can make payments either by cheque [payable to “Y.U.G.C.”] or by BACS.

How does the scheme work for members?

  1. Exclusively available to members of participating Clubs, only via their Secretary/Manager.
  2. Members will be supplied with a COUNTY CARD, at the current rate [see below] unless their Club has made a bulk purchase.
  3. The Card covers the period 1st April to 31st March.
  4. Members use their card to obtain discounted Green Fees as set by the host Club.
  5. Cards may only be used once at each Club, and are not valid for groups of more than four players.
  6. Tee times must be by prior arrangement with the host Club.

How much does a card cost?

The cost for the purchase of cards is shown in the table below:

Card for individual purchase. £10
Club to provide Cards for their entire playing membership, both ladies and gentlemen, aged 18 and over. £2
Purchase of 400 or more cards. £3
Purchase of between 200 and 399 cards. £4
Purchase of less than 199 cards. £10


How do you get a card?

To get a free County Card for 2020, please contact your club Secretary/Manager, who has been given information on how to get the “free-of-charge” cards.  Click here for details of the 2020 arrangements.

If you still wish to purchase your own 2020 County Card, then please use the link appropriate link below.

  1. Clubs need to register as participating, by completing a Club Registration form.
  2. Clubs need to submit a 2020 bulk purchase form to buy for 200 or more members, both ladies and gentlemen, or a 2020 player application form to buy for one or more, but not all, members.
  3. Individual members need to get a 2020 player application form completed, and then signed by a Club official.


Scheme Rules

The affairs of the scheme shall be conducted and managed by The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs which shall have the power to make rules and to vary such rules from time to time as may seem expedient through the Executive Committee of the Union. Any surplus income of the scheme shall belong and be paid to The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs. The surplus income derived from cards purchased by ladies will be passed on, in full, to The Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Association.

Membership is confined to all Playing Members of Clubs who are:

  1. members of a Club which has registered to participate in the scheme;
  2. whose Club is affiliated to The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs in respect of whom such Clubs pay an annual subscription to the National and County Golf Unions; and
  3. in possession of a CONGU Handicap and aged 18 or over.

Social, House and Non-Playing Members of such Clubs are not eligible for membership.

The Card Fee is £10 per annum, or such other sum as may from time to time be set by the Union. The Scheme’s year is from 1st April to 31st March.

Application for membership must be made through the Club Secretary/Manager who will forward it, together with the subscription, to the County Card Administrator.

Please read carefully below the Rules of the County Card Scheme.

  1. The Card may only be accepted once per Club in any one year.
  2. The Card is non-transferable and for the sole use of the signatory.
  3. The Card must only be used by a current member of a Club affiliated to YUGC and must be completed and signed by the cardholder before use.
  4. To avoid disappointment, all cardholders MUST contact the Club they wish to visit prior to arrival, and tee times booked in advance wherever possible.
  5. All players MUST adhere to each individual Clubs guidelines relating to etiquette, dress code and local rules.
  6. This Card may not be accepted for groups larger than four.
  7. Any misuse of the Card may be reported directly to the card holder’s home Club.
  8. The 2019 Card is valid from 01/04/19 and expires on 31/03/20
  9. The 2020 Card is valid from 01/04/20 and expires on 31/03/21.
  10. Enforcement of the rules is at the sole discretion of each individual Golf Club.

Enquiries should be made to:

John M Deeming (County Card Administrator),
36 Northfield Close, South Cave, Brough, East Yorkshire. HU15 2EW
Tel: 01430 423480 E-Mail: [email protected]