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Yorkshire Boys' Golf2023

Boys' Player Pathway

Yorkshire is a very successful county within England Golf, we always strive to be the best, but the last couple of years have been a tremendous interference to our success! In the year of 2022, we came so close, but alas we just didn’t quite make it, however I am more confident that 2023 will be the year “Team Yorkshire” will be back where we belong! The lads have played extremely well this year and been working extremely hard over winter with this continuing into the Spring when we look forward to competing against our rivals, especially at the England Golf Boys Northern Counties Qualifier at The Tytherington GC in July.

Within Yorkshire we pride ourselves on our Boy’s Player Pathway allowing our Boy’s to have the very best opportunities to the various levels of coaching and support throughout their time with us.

Our aim is to identify those boys with the potential and dedication required to play not only at a county level, but potentially at National level, this is something we try to achieve on a regular basis. This comes down to our boy’s being offered coaching at a very high level from some of the most experienced coaches around, Steve Robinson, our lead coach and England Golf coach who was awarded “Coach of the Year” 2016 & 2017 & 2021. Given the size of Yorkshire we are supported by a team of coaches. In 2021 we saw the addition to that team of Gareth Davies a former European Tour player and now Head Teaching Professional at Abbeydale GC.

There are various entry points into our Boys’ coaching and these are as follows:

  • YUGC Identification Day for Under 13’s
  • Union nomination of prospective high performer
  • Club nomination of prospective high performer
  • YUGC Boys’ Championships performance
  • Open events

All applications are assessed by the County Boys’ Manager along with the coaches, to consider their ability to be included within the winter/spring coaching programme.

The chart below shows the pathway of our coaching programme.

Our County programme is an addition to their own coaching; we are not here to be in conflict with their current coach, but rather to add further value and support in their development.

The Boys are expected to take notes at each session and discuss further with their own coaching professional. You will appreciate we are a very large county and for those who are successful in selection, this does not mean they will be involved each year until they attain 18. No; each year the County Boys’ Manager and coaches undertake a review which is based on various factors, including current game, ability, attendance, dedication, attitude, to name a few!

This ultimately means there is no guarantee of being invited back; however, it does not preclude them from being involved at a later stage.

Policy Statements

The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs has in place policies, procedures and practices relating to child safety, equality and a code of conduct that can be summarised as follows:

Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy & Procedures

The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs has a Safeguarding Children Policy and is fully committed to ensuring that golf provides a safe environment in which children can learn about the sport without fear of abuse in its various forms.

It is essential that you should feel safe and enjoy your sport. If there is something worrying you or you need someone to talk to then please speak to our County Welfare Officer :

Cameron Thomson – 07885 737801

Equality Policy

The Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs is fully committed to supporting the principle and practice of the England Golf Equality & Diversity Policy.

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