Yorkshire win England County finals

Three days of good golf culminated in Yorkshire winning the National finals at Sandwell Park G.C. by a narrow margin.

Day 1 had started well, with the team winning all three of the foursomes matches.  The afternoon was nearly as good, with three wins, two halves, and only one loss, resulting in a 7 – 2 against Warwickshire.

Day 2 saw Yorkshire drawn against Cornwall, the defending Champions, who had lost their first match against Hampshire by 5 – 4.  This proved to be a much tougher task, shown by the morning matches, of which we only won one, losing the other two.  In the afternoon, however, the players responded well to the challenge, losing only one, halving another, and winning the other four, to give an overall result of a win by 5½ – 3½.

Day 3 left us to play Hampshire, who had won their second match, against Warwickshire, by 6½ – 2½.  As Yorkshire had the better match scores, this meant that a win or a draw would be good enough to take the title.  A promising start in the morning saw Yorkshire ahead at lunch by 2½ – ½, although with 2 matches finishing on the eighteenth, it clearly was likely to be a close run thing.  In the afternoon the prospect looked good, with Steve Robins in the first match winning 3/2.  When Kealan Lowe won the second match by a similar score, the title was Yorkshire’s, as the necessary 4½ points to guarantee a draw had been secured.  It looked for a while that a draw was probable as first one, then a second, and then a third, match were lost.  But Will Whiteoak fought valiantly, and his victory by 1 hole gave Yorkshire the win, and the title was won by an undefeated side.

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Photograph of the team with the trophy, on the home page, courtesy of LEADERBOARD PHOTOGRAPHY