New YUGC Trophy Cabinets inaugurated


Representatives of the Huddersfield Golf Club and the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs assembled on Sunday, 4th September 2016, to add the final touches to a joint project that has taken a number of years to bring to fruition.

The occasion was the ‘unveiling’ of two purpose-built cabinets in the clubhouse of the Huddersfield Golf Club, specifically constructed to house the Yorkshire Union’s many and varied championship trophies.  For the first time these trophies have been gathered together – some dating back more than a hundred years, as well as more recent cups, quaichs and salvers – and displayed.

Speaking on behalf of the club, the Captain, Mr Parnell Reilly, warmly welcomed members and guests to this important event.  He spoke briefly of the Huddersfield Golf Club’s historic ties with the Yorkshire Union, and the club’s significant role in the formation of the Yorkshire Union itself in 1894.  He also referred to some of the famous golfers who had played their part in Yorkshire’s golfing history, players such as Gordon Brand, Howard Clarke, and the present President of the Yorkshire Union, Jonathan Plaxton.

Replying on behalf of the Yorkshire Union, Mr Plaxton thanked the President, Mr Charles Webb, the Captain, Board and members for their kind and generous hospitality, and for the club’s enormous contribution in bringing this project to a successful conclusion; he specifically wished to mention the part played by Leighton Hirst and past captain Nick Ledgard, for the club, and Dennis Trickett and Jay Whittam, on behalf of the Yorkshire Executive.

The beautifully-crafted cabinets make a wonderful display in the entrance to the clubhouse, and subtly complement the club’s own impressive trophy display cabinet.  Both the Huddersfield Golf Club and the Yorkshire Union are delighted that this project has come to such a successful conclusion.

The picture shows some of the Yorkshire Executive present at the ceremony, including [centre] the 2016 President, Jonathan Plaxton