County Members Newsletter – June 2017

Welcome to the third newsletter of 2017, and we are now well into the 2017 season.  Already we have held four of our events, and tee times for the fifth meeting, at Crosland Heath Golf Club on Thursday 6th July have just been issued – they are also posted on our website.

RESULTS – The second event was at Dewsbury District G.C. on 18th May, when 132 players toiled up and down the slopes, but they did enjoy the splendid views which this course offers.  Another fine weather day, marred by a short spell of light rain.  Many good scores were returned, but Norman and Damian Simpson [Woolley Park and Waterton Park] were clear winners with 47 points.

With such a fine course being the venue, it was not surprising that the Ilkley Golf Club proved popular for the Seniors’ meeting no. 1, on Thursday 1st June.  188 players enjoyed a sunny day, and many good scores were achieved, with more than 30 pairs getting 40 points or better.  It was therefore close at the top, 44 pints being third, 45 points being second, but Messrs Hamilton and Gardner [Doncaster G.C.] amassed 46 points to take the top prize.  They are pictured here with the Y.U.G.C. President, Dr. Alastair Davidson, and the Captain of the Ilkley Golf Club, Richard Cadman.

This was the first event at which new mementos for the Seniors’ meetings were presented, and they are shown on the right.  The winners hold one of the Elysian Trophies for the next twelve months, and each get an Armada dish as a memento.

The Oaks Golf Club was the host for the second Seniors’ meeting and 148 players enjoyed another fine day, on a very well-presented course.  Again, many good scores were recorded, with over 25 pairs getting 40 or more points.  Best of the bunch was a fine 47 points from M.R. Hallam [Middlesbrough] and A.F. Clemmit [Thirsk & Northallerton] to claim the other Elysian Trophy.

As usual, full results for all these events can be viewed by visiting the County Member web pages.